Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stila Gold Glow and Acapulco Summer Trio

This post proves how slow I am getting to my stash review, I got this September last year, too the picture in November but finally managed to do the review now...

At least for people in northern hemisphere, summer is finally here... It's time to dig out you flip flips, mini shorts, tank tops, juicy lip gloss, shimmery blushers as well as gold shadow!

I got the Stila Gold Glow and Acapulco Baked Eyeshadow Trios way back in fall 2008, when gold was supposed to be one of the popular colors (according certain blog post)...I like how the color looks, but I still think the shimmery warmth of the golden shadow looks best with a glowing summer tan and juicy lips. (I will save pink and raspberry blusher for winter since they complement pale skin much better.) so I guess saving the post until now is a perfectly good choice.

Stila baked shadow Gold Glow has many qualities I like in normal eye shadow pans: Superior pigmentation, light texture and exquisite shimmer and sheen. But it's even better in a way that since it's baked, it doesn't get as dusty after you swipe the brush across.

While the pigmentation is good, the colors seem to have a transparency within it and gives it a wet sheen, I think that's super pretty and summery.

The avocado, pistachio green from the Acapulco trio caught my eyes right away...But I find that while the pistachio green ( or a the color of ripe avocado) is the center piece of the palette, it doesn't look all that flattering on my cool skin tone. As for the brown and vanilla, there is really nothing special about them, not to mention, the whole palette actually has a somewhat gritty texture...

They are nice, but the color are too warm and all look weird on me...Like you can notice the makeup right way since they just look out of place on my face...


  1. Gotta love these colors, the pistachio green also caught my eyes right away.. it's very pretty!

  2. I love the stila baked shadows, the are super pigmented and can last a lifetime! :)

  3. That eye shadow is way too big :-/.
    But I love the colours :D!

  4. Oh I love the baked trios! I have the champagne one though. the gold glow looks really nice too.


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