Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tinted Lip Balm Comparison

I don't normally do clean cut reviews with pros and cons listed and rating and such since I do view my beauty-related junk in a very subjective way, it's just too harsh to give a "grade" on some makeup item that I might ended up liking, disliking or bleh-ing.

But it would be helpful if I do a summary on my review and quick comparison (like the lip/cheek stain comparison I have done earlier.) Here is one about tinted lip balm.

First for the in-a-jar pink balm.
NYC Lip Slider- The made-in-China answer to Tarte, MAC and L'Oreal, a very nice products texture, color, price and performance wise.

Cheap, $3 for a 9 gram tin
Packaging is cute, although obviously is a copy cat
Feels balmy and moisturizing
Gives a plump and jelly finish
Does offer some decent pigmentation for a balm

God that scent is getting on my nerve...

L'Oreal H.I.P Jelly Balm: A attempted knock-off or MAC although I can see little resemblance.


Yummy baked sweet scent
Color does indeed show for a balm
Sheer pigmentation, like a gloss
Moisturizing and lasts a while
Slight soft jelly-like finish (it sinks in though)

The price range from 8 to 9 dollars, not really that cheap
Each jar is 4.5 g, so even when you do get it half off, the unite price is still more than MAC
Sticker labels peels off easily
Lots of those sticker labels have air bubbles
The words fade as well
There are different colors within the same shade (Quality control, please)

Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner : The original and the best (yummiest!)

Bright and wearable color
The texture is very thin that it just sinks in and leave a really thin film
Very good color pay-off, come on, it's MAC
Soft and yummy scent (fainter than L'Oreal)
SPF 15 with UVA/UVB filter
Huge 15g jar of products
Cute chubby jar even there isn't a Hello Kitty head

14 something dollars might seems a lot, but you are getting a lot of lip balm and the overall unit price is only 58% that of L'Oreal

I might as well add the MAC Tendertone Tinted Lip Balm since they are also dig-able. They provide a little bit soft shine and have shimmer that are practically invisible.


The glass jar and heavy texture lid feels really substantial
Wacky colors for those weirdos like me (Which is also the whole point I got them)
Yummy fruity scent (although the two I have smell the same)
It does give a subtle shine when you have a good lips day

I personally think that the tender tone only seals in moisture, but it doesn't provide any so when your lips is nice to start with, it looks soft and shiny but if I have one of those wrinkly dry lips days, this does emphasize every bit of flakes and lines I have.I mean, if my lips are in a suitable state to wear these, I would rather leave them bare.

Overall, I like the MAC tinted lip conditioner and the NYC lip slider a lot for their overall good quality (I do appreciate if NYC would tone down the scent a bit...) L'Oreal HIP is a nice product, but the packaging and unit price are a bit annoying. MAC Tendertone is great for those of you who love lip gloss in wacky shades, although it doesn't really give a surge of moisture.


  1. thanks for the review,, now I feel bad I didn't have the chance to pick up the HK lip balm!!! Coz you said its the yumniest!

  2. Do the tendertones give any color to your lips? Everyone makes them sound so amazing!
    I really love the packaging for MAC's lip conditioner too. Color pay-off! I love that~ and I totally agree with the Jelly Balms being inconsistent in color!

  3. Nikki:
    I think all of those TLC have the same scent so it's ok if you pick the other ones.

    there is barely any color on me (at least for the two colors I picked.)but my lips is "very" (ie, if I use a lip stain I will look just I just ate some animal alive)red so most very bright colors look natural on me and softer color just look clear

    But if I try very hard to pack on the purple one (soft note) it will make me look sick though, because of my cool undertone...

    They wacky shades are pretty cool but I don't see the point getting those standard ones...

    Although they do seem to have a very thin texture.

  4. nice comparisons! I'm actually really interested in that NYC slider lip balm now...the packaging is so cute, and only $3!!

  5. Ditto. Want the NYC now ^_^.

  6. I really appreciate the comparisons as I have been eying all of these products. :)

    What does the NYC one smell like? Is it fruity?


    Kate Gene

  7. I re-read your post and am actually sold on the Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner. The packaging is adorable. I love that it's chubby! I'm a closet Hello Kitty lover (LOL), which makes this product even cooler in my eyes!

    Thanks again for this post!


  8. Kate:
    The NYC smells like some overly sweet (I still haven't get used to it.) dessert, it's borderline nauseating for me.

    I actually didn't plan to buy the mac tlc at all but I was sold how gloss and cute the jar is, it was a great buy since there is so much product inside the jar!


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