Saturday, May 09, 2009

New Stuff from Wet n Wild

I have been waiting for the longest time...
Limited edition nail polishes from Wet n Wild called chrome, they are 2 dollars a piece and all have metallic finish. The purple and silver ones are gone already (Boo...) maybe I should do grocery shopping more often...And I actually like those promo images Wet n Wild uses ( as they remind me of MAC).
More natural stuff, you all know I hate organic makeup (and skin care), they look so bad I am better off not putting on anything...

Enough grocery shopping, a few days ago, I saw something very interesting at CVS , the same branch which sells expired hand cream with a higher price.

A used Milani eyeshadow.

It's not just any used eyeshadow...This is the exact same one I got last year (since it pissed me off so badly) and returned right away. How can I tell? Well, I am a bit anal and I always use clear top coat over the label with can be potentially scratched off, it just didn't work on Milani, the polish actually corroded the plastic away and caused white fuzzy stuff on it...

I know there are some scum sells used/returned cosmetic on eBay and claimed that they are "Smudged in storage", but CVS, are you that low?


  1. I will definitely purchase those nail polishes if i'm there! the colors look awesome :)

  2. oooh W&W nail polishes look so colorful! I gotta check'em out..

  3. Those nail polishes look great!

    I can't believe they sell used and expired products! That's really low and disgusting!

  4. oh my gosh, the exact same? lol...thats hilarious. but its disgusting how they would sell used, expired products!


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