Monday, March 30, 2009

Shame on you, CVS.

After doing two nail color posts, I realized that I need some hand cream (badly), I like those Sally Hansen shea butter hand cream quite a bit and wanted to try their new "Salon" ones...Apparently they don't have the hand cream in the local CVS yet (they have the Salon foot cream I care enough about my feet.) So I guess I would go back to the old one?

First thing that bothers me was that they increased the price by 50 cents so it's $6.49 now...not a big problem? (But I got them on sale for 3 dollars last year!)

Another thing...
The hand cream has already expired last year!

Here is an even older stock...

CVS, you dare to raise the price on something that's already expired? Shame on you.


  1. OH NO!!!! Return it!!! What are they thinking selling expired products? TSK TSK TSK!!!!

  2. Hi Fuz:
    Yeah, most of the time they just put those product on clearance (expired ones) of course I was never stupid enough to buy any...

    But raising the price on old stock is ...

    Hi Nikki:
    I don't know what CVS was thinking,and of course I didn't buy the hand cream (this is a spy cam post) I need to think twice before buying anything from them now.


  3. I once read (can't even remember where, I think it was a book about travelling) that in China they mark products 'backwards', so that would be October 2010...But you're in the US, so even if that's the reason...Still weird :-/.
    Or they could indeed be expired, in which case someone should report them. Seriously >:-/...

  4. Hi Cris:
    They do put the year first in China...But the Sally Hansen hand cream is actually made in US (plus everything sold in US needs to be marked this way.)

    Another thing I check is the year right beside the trade mark (which was 2007 and 2006 respectively) I think that companies need to renew the trade mark every year...So a fresh product you see in early 2009 should have a 2008 right beside the trade marked name...

    If my theory is correct, CVS actually carries products from 2006...eeeeeeek

  5. That is just wrong!!! How can they sell expired products? And they even dared to raise the prices! Someone should seriously report them!

  6. Hi citrine,

    I do believe it's year and then month. As for TMs, they do not need to be renewed every year. =)

  7. Hi there:

    Thanks for letting me know about the trade mark. (Although I might have to check it just to make sure, I am kind of stubborn...)

    In US, people generally indicate the date like June 1st 2008...I am aware that they do it differently in Canada (1/06/08), Australia (same as Canada because they are both common wealth?) and China (08/06/01)..but I assume that Sally Hansen would follow the US way even the hand cream are manufactured in Taiwan, because it's sold in US...

    Another thing is that stuff in cream form usually have a relatively short shelf life that I doubt something "made fresh" in 2009 would be good enough to be sold in 2012

    Anyway, thanks for your comment and hope to see you again!


  8. I need to correct myself for my false guess, I checked, the trade mark doesn't have to be renewed every single year, but the number after the name (Like sally hansen tm 2006) means that the year 2006 the product was manufactured, the trade mark is still valid...

    I mean, Sally Hansen has been in US for quite a while (long before 2006) Anyway, let's supposed it is "made fresh" in 2009, it would make more sense to put 2009 on the tube instead of 2006, which was neither the 10th anniversary on the brand nor the first year of trade mark.

    Now I checked in other stores, all of the Sally Hansen body care products don't have the date anymore, instead, they have an alphanumeric code (only the company would know) to track the manufactured date.

    In short, that particular CVS is indeed selling expired products. (I have another post with picture of an returned /used product on their shelf btw)

    Anyway, I am sorry if I offended you in anyway. It's just that I am a skeptic (and very argumentative) and I *never* take people point unless they back it up with solid proof or rational reasoning...Of course, I will admit I am wrong if you can back up your point.



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