Saturday, April 11, 2009

Too many bottles of clear nail polish?

These three all kind of sucks...I've switched to the Wet n Wild though, it's a dollar and work jut as well. (the Color quick thing is beyond horrible)

Anyway, how did I end up with so many bottles of clear nail polish, and why did I bother with the review? Aren't they the same anyway. (I mean, there is thick and thin ones, big difference, right?)

Actually, I use them on many other places and here are a few examples

1. To seal the mark on your make up brushes...NOT
Unless you do it very quickly or it will actually smear the words. Some of the youtube people tried it on their MAC brushes and when it peels along with the paint.

The ultimate solution: Buy Stila brushes instead. You can always wait for a promotion or get a hang of a Stila Girl of the week for the discount code. (Plus they usually have some big sale from May to July.)

2. As a emergency nail polish remover.
If you are really desperate.

3. To rescue nail color that gets too gooey. (Tried myself and it doesn't work.)
Learned from Christine from Youtube: Pour a bit of clear polish into the to-be-rescued bottle and shake gently. The two has to be in the same line though. (I once mixed Orly with Anna Sui, boy it was nasty...)

I've tried that on a Sally Hansen before, it's still gooey...So ignore this one. (Or just use thinner instead, as Pixie said.)

4. On top of Juicy Tubes, Numbers on your ATM/credit card, Corner of Benefit Boxed Powder, Benetint Bottle, Pretty Patterned Tweezers...
I like juicy tube, which mean I put them into my bag, letting it get squashed, scratched and squeezed by all the random stuff in my bag. The lancome logo was easily deflowered...So a top coat over the logo will make it looks prettier and make me happier.

You can see I also used it on my MAC lipstick (looks like a drop of drool) after having the words melt of on the lustreglass tube.

(P.S. That Revlon nail polish makes turns my skin gray)

5. Around the joints of glasses frame
So the paint won't get scratched off, the size of the brush is perfect for such small area.

6. Along the edge of the metal brush lid
For a retractable brush/ ink pen with metal lid, it gets loose over time. When it does, I coat them with clear polish so it will be tight again since the hanging space is now filled. (Learned it from detective drama from Hong Kong called Forensic Heroes II)

7. To give plastic a better shine...NOT
It's quite corrosive for plastic.

8. Bike Handle
Carve your name on a bike in a unnoticeable place then seal it with clear nail polish so you can retrieve it easier (Well, if it gets stolen.)

It won't help if this happens though...(Poor dude. )

9.Courtesy to Pixie again, mixing it up with eyeshadow pigment.


  1. Another idea: You can make your own nail polish by mixing it with loose pigment samples. It's fun actually. The ones I've made look poopy, but other people get good results.

    Also, if a polish turns gooey, you can "revive" it with thinner. Sally Hansen makes a decent (and cheap) one.

  2. Hi Pixie:

    I actually made 2 frankens with eye shadow and some wet n wild right after seeing your rusty & zombie pearl post...

    They were disgusting...I put way too much shadow and the finish is very chalky...

    I will keep in mind about the thinner when I run out of those drugstore limited edition stuff I love...

  3. I use nail polish remover to 'revive' nail polish. Well, I used it once when my swap bottle broke and I really wanted to use it, and it worked :-P. Kind of. (Pics & all on my blog somewhere...)
    Lol at the bike section ;D.


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