Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lip Gloss Galore: The Impusive Buying

Mac Lustreglass in Opal: I just love to look at the tubes...the gloss itself? Nothing really special, it's almost like a tad-bit-glassier version of Sally Hansen diamond lip treatment (with crazy huge glitters) This shade sometime makes me look sick...

Anna Sui Lip Gel in 200 aka the purple cream glue: Great coverage, I am saving this for next Halloween.

Clinique Glosswear For Lips in Air Kiss: Smells bad, and most of the time I try to stay away from creamy gloss that are lighter than my lip color: they all look like a dab of butter.

Diorkiss in Caramel Apple (Pomme d'Amour) : Isn't the French name much prettier? Well, it actually smells like cinnamon apple. The texture is very smooth and the shimmer is very subtle and pretty.

It looks very sweet and girlie by itself but it can be pretty dramatic if worn on top of a lip stick. bright red usually look OK on me since I do have flushed lips to start with (In the other hand, some lighter gloss tend to look like a glob of butter) .


  1. Hi Mina,

    I have a few Juicy Tubes from Gift with Purchases, but I have not yet bought a full-size one.

    I think DiorKiss is one of my favorite lip gloss ranges at the moment. Some people might think the texture is on the thick/sticky side, but I personally don't mind thicker lip glosses. I like the smooth and glassy finish and the soft shimmer.

    I like your lip gloss photos, particularly the contrast between the fossil as the backdrop and the pretty lip gloss colors. I am feeling the sunshine as well...we need more of it here in the UK...

    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. I don't find Dior sticky at all, (My very first tube was like a super glue...I love it nevertheless) but when it's sticky gloss meets sponge/brush tip's a disaster.

    I do think that JT is the best shimmer free clear gloss I've tried so far: It's smooth, fruity, it gives a glide of shine but not overly glassy. ( When it comes to makeup, I am a minimalist. )

    But the main reason I like JT is that they have colors that looks so cool on the tube yet it doesn't look even a tad bit weird when I put it on.(the MAC green gloss would actually make my lips look green,eww)

    So what's the point buying so many glosses which end up looking the same on my lips anyway...I like to have a rainbow of collection, haha.



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