Friday, January 23, 2009

Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit

I have never been a big fan of lip color in shade of bubble gum pink...It's just way too girly for me but after the two Stila lip glaze pruchase I had...I was quite tempted about one for their best seller Lip Glaze in Grapefruit...I love every thing maybe I would like it? (And of course I do!)

Grapefruit is a shade of frosty bubble gum pink...It smells sweet (which bothered me a bit at first then I just got used to it) and is sticky like all the other stila glosses the thickness makes it pretty good at covering up the fine lines on the lips and providing a jelly finish...not exactly a ba thing if you are used to those sticky gloss out there.

What I really like about the gloss is that while the color looks bright in the tube, the color and white shimmer blend in perfectly well and just tone down the redness I have and make my lips look naturally pink (It doesn't make me look sick, like some beige gloss) . I am thinking that it would still be good for those girls with paler lip color since the soft pink itself is quite flattering on a good range of skin tones.

Pretty natural, right? I love it how all of the stila lip glosses are pigmeted enought yet super easy to blend in...they literally melt!

My only complaint about the gloss is that there is only 2.4ml product in the tube and for someone who consume more lip gloss than toothpaste in her lasted around a month for me. (I finished the other two tubes I have already...) I think I will try the apricot next time!

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  1. I've ordered Stila lipglaze from a friend who visited the US, I can't wait to get them! :)

  2. Hey Nikki:

    That's pretty neat...

    I am trying to stop myself from buying lip gloss for this whole far no new purchase from 2009. I think I also got myself enough blusher and eyeshadow too...


  3. That looks really nice. I have so many glosses, but none from Stila yet!

  4. Hey Pixie:
    Yeah, Stila is definitly very good at making lip products...I personally like the more transparent ones better since they cover up fine lines really well and have juicy colorss....But the creammy ones are not shabby either, since they blend in well enought to avoid looking unnatural...

    But I still think that at regualr price it's a bit of a rip-off though...22 bucks and won't even last me for a whoel month...



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