Saturday, January 30, 2016

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Addiction

I am not sure who/what started the whole matte lip color trend, but let me just say I really can't bring myself to embrace it. Beside the obvious thing how it usually look horrendous on my mouth (just as bad as the equally popular gradient lips and staining lip tints), the main reason is that drugstore brands (Maybelline, ahem) all think it's ok to phase out their moisturizing sheer lipstick to make shelf spaces for their popular cousins...

When I first saw the Revlon display of HD Matte Lip Color. I didn't feel bad (well, the brand had already discontinued many of my favorites since 2013-2014), just the usual ennui and the bit of curiosity (despite some less-inspiring color release, I always liked the quality of their lip products, plus the packaging design). When it went on a small sale, I picked one up at a bit less than 6 bucks. I just picked up the shade that wasn't picked over/used, I would have preferred the matte coral if I had a choice.
The packaging of Ultra HD is really nice:a solid plastic tube in the shape of...Sex toy or tape worm? The finish is not heavy but the frosted finish and the shiny cap is nice to hold.

The wand is a slightly flabby doe-foot. It's sufficient enough to spread the product without creating too much mess or the need to redip several times.

HD Addication is a muted deep berry plum. The formula (marketed as a wax-free gel by Revlon) is indeed lighter-weight than other pasty matte colors and it goes on lips feeling weightless and comfortably( enough). It just doesn't improve or dry out my winter lips. Thanks to the lighter formulaw, it can be worn as a stain or a full bold look and even as a non-slick cream blush.
As expected with any matte color (and this kind of weather) , on my lips it turn into a lip-line galore sooner or later. I still prefer this to the gunky matte balm though. Anyway, there is a pasty sweet smell to it that's not offensive to me.

Overall: I don't have a strong opinion about Ultra HD matte color (my spark with Revlon is long gone) but I might want to pick the matte coral one up,to use as a cheek color(six dollars for the packaging is still a decent deal).


  1. On the topic of Revlon, i'm back to using Revlon Colorstay Foundation in combo/oily formula. Yes i bagged out Revlon but i'm now crawling back to them. I have been flirting with other foundations like MAC and Loreal but am loving Colorstay. They have added a pump to the new bottles apparently in the US, so if you see it please post some photos. My skin has changed a lot in the past few years, and i now feel the new reformulation of Colorstay suits my skin. It's more creamier but it still has good coverage and is still long wearing. I use it in Sand Beige (MAC NC 20-25), it's not exactly a perfect match, i find it a bit "grey" if that makes any sense but i can get away with it.

    1. Will do (if I see them)...To think of it, I haven't see new display of Revlon base makeup for a while (not that I pay attention).


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