Friday, May 08, 2015

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette

Let me get this straight first: I (still) have no clue what cherry blossoms are supposed to smell like. 
 Growing up, I have very little exposure to cherry blossom in my life (even though my hometown in China/Wuhan Is one of the few cities that have a load of cherry blossoms gifted by Japanese). It was only last week when I realized that, my neighborhood has cherry trees everywhere! With my week-long exposure to the local cherry tree (plus some Yoshino sighting in Central Park), all I know is that...They don't smell like anything. (So this review is really going nowhere). 

Cherry Blossom is actually my second cup bottle of green tea from Elizabeth Arden. It's hard to resist when it's a little over 10 bucks for 50ml (not to mention, both the box and bottle are quite cute). 
Beside green tea (Elizabeth Arden green tea, not talking about the one I drink)base that I can detect upon initial spritz, this spray has a light floral hover it (Let's just assume it's cherry blossom). The rest is mouth-watering sour fruit. I saw online many describe it as citrus, which is a note family I love, but I don't find this particularly zesty. I think it just smells like sour prune drink they sell in Chinese malls. 

For a light (non headache-inducing) fragrance, two spritz lasts for a whole cool days. That's pretty much the end of the review. Basically, Green Tea Cherry Blossom is simple enough to not induce a headache but with enough depth...for me to come up with a whole paragraph!
Look, even the lousy (I am saying this in an endearing way, seriously) nozzle is pink! Anyway, since now I have my own little apartment, I can totally do the hoard-them-all with the green tea range (minus the original, which I found too boring). I wish I can see the Yuzu and Bamboo one in TJ-maxx again...


  1. Yuzu and Bamboo sound nice!

  2. I've only tried the original Green Tea - it brings me memories because my parents used to buy this for a female elementary school teacher. Maybe I'll give the other ones a try

    1. I think the cherry blossom one smells quiet different from the original green tea (which was nice but a tad boring for me), in honeysuckle you can sniff out the original with honeysuckle on top (duh...)


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