Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Canmake Glow Fleur Cheek - Strawberry Fleur

I hate writing about blush (because there is not much to write about and they more or less look the same on the cheeks) but let's get this over with! The Glow Fleur Cheek is part of my fall haul (that didn't get here this spring), since I am generally happy with Canmake's blush, I decided try a pink one (I ditched my well-liked Benefit Dandelion and Bobbi Brown Rose shimmer brick due to their bulky packaging). Well, the plastic compact of Canmake is still somewhat bulky, with extra space and the slot for brush (which is actually soft, fluffy and usable).
Strawberry Fleur is a collection of five pinks and a pinkish white highlighter. Since each other are too small to be used individually anyway, I just swirl them all together for a very soft pink glow.
As you can see the shimmer in Glow Fleur Cheek is abundant but quite refined. The powder goes on smooth enough but they enhance the dry bits on my cheeks. (Now to think of it, maybe I do have dry skin all along, it's just not as affected when I lived in the very hot and humid climate).  I have used it on bare face and on top of sunscreen (the lightly moisturizing one from Coppertone) and the color pay off and staying power are less than satisfactory.
Strawberry Fleur Swatched with a Gosh Eyeliner (because the blush is too sheer that my camera's auto focus doesn't work on it). Even though the color is noticeable, the pink tint and glowy finish sits on the very top of my face. It's neither subtly flattering nor garish...Just something makes me go "Why am I even bothering putting this on?"

Overall: This is a total dud for me (my dry cheeks) and I would probably stay off from the rest of their Glow Fleur Cheek. Let's hope the Matte Fleur Cheeks works a little better.

Bonus picture of some pink flowers (plum blossoms?). It seems that summer is here already (I am not happy about it).


  1. Aww...that's too bad. I was eyeing these but refrained after trying the highlighter. I didn't like the packaging. It's a lot thicker and bulkier than the usual Canmake utilitarian ones.

  2. I don't think those are bad for blush but I guess for my wearing habit, now I just prefer silkier powder blush (or just use cream).

  3. I love your flower pictures! I found that Canmake blushes were hit or miss for me too when I was swatching them but I was a sucker for the flower imprint and ended up getting one anyway!

    1. There will be much more floral background for this months (or even longer, because it takes me forever to review something). Basically, during the week when cherry blossom blooms, I photographed as many untouched beauty items as possible, while the pink bokeh were still available!

      Yeah, I found that only the cream cheeks (and maybe the powder cheeks) are truly worthy (of markup) other stuff are kind of lacklustre.


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