Monday, March 14, 2011

Benefit Dandelion Luminizing Face Powder Blush

Well, Dandelion isn't technically a flower but for the heck of our floral week, I will just treat it as one. After all, my blog is about lip gloss/lipstick (and other girly matters), not biology.
Benefit Dandelion Luminizing Face Powder/blush is one of the oldest (I think?) and the most popular items that the brand is known for (along with Benetint, Dr. Feelgood and I don't remember what).If it weren't for the inter-household makeup swap (my roommate wanted to get Thrrrob but it was discontinued in Sephora and Ulta so she swap the Dandelion with mine), I probably wouldn't bother getting something natural/pink like this.
The name, like the plant itself, is a soft, delicate and gentle...a perfect companion for spring. (Side note: While it's very romantic to talk about, I can't stand how they/the weeds would bloom out like mold on carpet every spring.)
Back to topic:Dandelion is a soft pink with very fine golden shimmer, the shimmer is so fine that it doesn't look frosty or enhance the pores, instead, a thin layer gives a luminous matte glow to the face that looks healthy and fresh.
Shades wise, Dandelion is lighter and warmer than Thrrrob(which has a strong blue undertone),the color is buildable that you can get a noticeable flush with just a few more layers, the texture of Dandelion also seems to be silkier than Thrrrob so you don't have to worry about the blush getting cakey. I personally like to use it allover my face to even out my skin tone (or to set my concealer) then do extra layers on my cheeks for a bit more color.

Overall: If you are a fan of fresh,pink and natural-looking blushes, this is a great product for you (not to mention there are quite a bit of product in each box so a little goes a long way). For some reason I have been throwing on this quite often(I like to layer on a peachy pink highlighter on top to give more dimension) since it's so easy to wear and creates a natural glow that's not overly cute.
P.S. Picture of an actual dandelion flower. Now I want an chiffon sun dress in this color!


  1. This sounds wonderful and lovely, I will definitely check it out! I love my blush very subtle, thank you for the swatch and review! There is no Sephora where I live now, so I have to order online. It really helps to read good reviews now that I can't test stuff in person.

  2. This is very pretty and looks like it's perfect for my pale skin. I'm not a fan of pigmented blushes as it's so easy to overdo them and look like a clown but this one sounds wonderful!

  3. I really like Dandelion, I think the concept it really cute, you know how the seeds spead with the wind and find its place to grow. Dandelion is definitely my next blush to try^0^

  4. I like this, but it's so light that it hardly shows up.

  5. Asami:
    I think you might like this since it is the most natural pink blush I have ever tried (and I am that kind of person who loads on products).

    Yeah, I think it's great for pale skin (it probably won't even show up on slightly darker skin)?

    I love the idea too...but I am not a fan of the sight (seeing a pretty grassy area covered by dandelion).

    Well, you might like it better if you just take it as a luminizing with a tiny bit of color. For people whose skin reddens easily, it's a pretty nice allover powder.


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