Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Gosh Mineral Waterproof Eyeshadow

Gosh Waterproof Mineral Eyeshadow were from part of my Penn station clearance discoveries (my project stop-buying-crap is not going anywhere). Naturally, I picked up two taupe as I am boring like that. The shadow come with retractable twist up stick, in sleek matte plastic tubes. The packaging seems fitting for the price point, but I personally would never pay 13 for a drugstore eyeshadow.

Golden Brown is a light glistening champagne taupe, it's a great subtle highlighter that doesn't make the eye puffy. Brown is s warmer, deeper brown taupe with a bit of mahogany undertone. I wouldn't expect to like it as much but it's a great subtle definition with very delicate shimmer (Reads: Not boring or aging than your standard shimmery brown taupe!).
I haven't splash water on my eyes to test the waterproof claim but I can say that these do not last well at all. If I swipe them across bare lid, I would notice them starting to fade within 20 minutes (mind you, it's very cold and dry here). I wasn't expecting magical wear time when I only paid 3-4 bucks for each of them, not to mention, I do have two tubes of primer to be used up (I don't know how long I had that Too Faced for...7 years? I guess if it still works and I need it, I would keep it).

 Overall: I love what I get for the price I paid so I went back to get more (Penn Station got rid of the display altogether but I found them at the bus terminal!). I have also seen Gosh at the Walgreens in State Street (downtown Chicago) if you want to try your luck there.
Swatch of golden brown and brown on wrist(I will spare you the eyeball close up for now)

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