Thursday, February 12, 2015

NP Set Eyeshadow Trio in Chicago

When I bought this trio at Target, I had it all planned out: I was going to bring it to work, get off a few bus stops early and take name-matching glamour shots right by the Chicago river (like what I did with the Covergirl Concealer and Maybelline Lipstick). Then I would just walk down Michigan avenue and do my usual people-watching, counting cute guys (this is I how I spent my summer), before the day start...

Well, I could not find a job in Chicago (nor could I afford to be unemployed any longer, especially after receiving a love letter from the student loan agency...) So, here is some Jersey snow for you.
NP Set Eyeshadow Trio in Chicago contains two taupes (see why I thought the palette and I were meant to be? My favorite city and color together!) and one beige. The eyeshadow comes with lovely star pattern and an hospital disinfectant smell(different from that lip gloss pot, maybe slightly more tolerable) and is made in Taiwan. I would never pay the regular retail price (18-24?) for a palette like this but I think I got it at Target for 6 bucks.
The compact is sturdy and not too cheap-looking. There is a flimsy duo-end applicator (with sponge and brush) included, which was promptly discarded.
OK, this swatch picture was actually really off (taken during sunset) but let me just try harder with verbal descriptions. The first shade is a golden-olive taupe, second shade is a standard medium (neutral) taupe (first two shades are shimmery and almost velvety in finish). The beige is a bummer, chalky, frosty and applies unevenly. 

Anyway, I do really like the two taupe shades as both the colors and finish are modern and easy to work with (they are nicely intense and even though I don't get those delicate dimension) they don't lead me into that  boring middle-age office lady route.
  Simple eyeball of the day (should have done something to the lashes...) that you don't need.


  1. great that you have all these grand plans for mornings before work, i m always always late in the mornings i m always a flustered mess! NP has never really tempted me, not sure why, but 6 bucks for 2 good modern taupes is a bargin!

    1. Not sure why? They are Taiwan-made (with US mid-range/expensive price tag) and often stinky...That's why they are on clearance...

      My morning plan was highly idealized and only works if I get a job in downtown Chicago (and commute to work by bus)...I do have a highly idealized plan before I came here though. Since I get off early (I start my shift early as well, I mean I walk 10 mins to work so I do saved a chunk of time from commuting)and I would hop on the train to NY everyday after shift explore the city...

      The reality is that all I ended up doing in NY was having by butt frozen and getting lost (the building all look the same I can't use sun for direction). For shopping stuff, everything that's in NY can also be found in the malls of NJ (sans sales tax, cheaper, better selections...). Well, at least I like Carnegie Hall.

  2. lol stinky? is it the same stinkiness as sleek (eyeshadows) and/or wet n wild (megalast lipsticks), or just bad fragrance? I loved those two products but the stink really put me off, and i don't know why pple dun seem to have the same problem!

    I have the same love-hate relationship with nyc lol. I mostly love it when I am not actually there - when I am there I am frazzled half the time:)

  3. I never smelled Sleek stuff so I don't know. I like how their blushes look but guess not enough to pay for shipping/markup. NP is not fragrances at all (I don't think they tried), it's either mechanical lubricant or disinfectant smell (that's what the same factory makes I guess?)

    I think I like looking at Manhattan skyline when I am at Hoboken...Pretty and not intimidating (no noise, litter or smelly subway). I mean, anything is better than Texas actually (southern conservative states are totally not for me)...


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