Monday, February 16, 2015

Gosh Volume Lip Shine in Raspberry Galore & Juicy Orange

One of my (unspoken) resolutions of the year is to stop buying craps at drugstore/end up not using them after the initial try (at first I thought I was doing well, since I haven't been too interested in drugstore releases since summer of last year). It turns out that, I only stopped buying because the deals haven't been good enough (I mean, if I have to pay 8 bucks for a tube of lipstick/mascara, I might as well buy from Japanese drugstore brands). Anyway, as soon as I noticed a bunch of Gosh product 75% off on clearance (at Duane Reade at Penn Station), I went crazy again and hoarded like the old me.
Among the stuff I bought (Oh, I like all of them because there were testers). Here are two Volume Lip Shine. I think these are normally 16 bucks so clearance only managed to bring it down to same price range as Essence.
The glosses come with flat/slim sponge wand that works quite well (The Essence one has annoying hour-glass shaped wand). Unlike other Volumizing glosses, the formula isn't a glassy and mirror like one. Instead, I get a cute, cream-jelly formula (Raspberry is more cream-jelly while the orange one is more gel-like) that is moisturizing and a wee starchy (thickened without being sticky).
Raspberry Galore is a cute plummy-pink that's perfect for spring/summer time. The pigmentation is pretty good and there is certain level of opacity to it.
Juicy orange is a sheer enough to be wearable but still manage to show up. It gives me a healthy coral red tint that's quite refreshing (for the winter).

Spy cam pictures (taken back in early december/day of my interview). Apparently I didn't think the stuff was worth buying at 50% off. Anyway, I do like the eyeshadow I bought and I hope there is something left the next time I visit (I live really closed by but I don't visit the city unless there is a really tempting concert going on at Carnegie Hall)...


  1. Pretty! How is the lasting power?

    1. Not as great as essence (I guess those were called longlasting lipgloss)but they are thick enough to not rub off / get absorbed within an hour. I mean I snack and take hot drinks all the time so I don't usually keep track of wear time.

  2. Ah, gotcha. On weekdays I can retouch frequently but on weekends I often can't so I tend to look for long lasting glosses.


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