Thursday, November 06, 2014

Maybelline Volume Express the Rocket Mascara

I have purchased numerous mascara from Maybelline (in both regular or waterproof versions) most of them were either mediocre or disappointing. After seeing this featured several times on Driveler Kate's blog (everybody knows who she is right?), I also decided to pick up Waterproof Volume Express the Rocket mascara, as it's only 3 bucks after some coupon stacking.
The wand is made of finely spaced plastic spikes  (looks like ancient Chinese weapon) and house decent amount of product, not so much to goop up.  The mascara cleanly defines and lengthens (by a tad) and hold curls well for hours which seems like a very good choice for natural or makeup look for more conservative places. The formula also seems to be truly waterproof and sebum proof (at least it doesn't smear on my oily lids under the heat and humidity).
 Removal was not too much of a hassle when used alone (but when I used it along with Majolica primer...oh the pain). I can use some oil to dissolve then wash away with a foamy cleanser. So, I really like it and this might just end up be the only American drugstore mascara that I will repurchase.
Some random tuck-in at the end. I posted about this by there is a different display of the Brow Drama brow tint, which is said to be a dupe for Benefit but with a crappier applicator.
Volume Express Big Eyes mascara - Which just looks like a repackaged XXL they have. To me it seems like Maybelline just released a bunch of new mascara every year and they would all be like something "new" from a year ago.

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