Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Kiss Me Coral - Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss

Earlier this summer, Revlon revamped their well-loved Super Lustrous lip gloss line, with a different packaging than hold 1/2 the products and a generally less inviting shade-selection. I like how Revlon does coral so I picked one shade up just to see how it compares. Packaging wise, I feel that the new one is made of a crisper/glassier type of plastic that feels light weight (cheaper) and more prone to scratch/crack.
Applicator wasn't too different (if at all) from the older Super Lustrous wand, same spongy doe-foot. It grabs slightly more product mainly because the gloss is less viscous. The new super lustrous gloss has a fruity scent that's less distinct and weaker (maybe a little bit more pleasant if you find the old version weird-tasting).
Kiss Me Coral, (Colorburst Lip Gloss) Strawberry, Sizzle and (older Super Lustrous) Coral Reef. Kiss me Coral is a sheer reddish coral with a very moisturizing and light feel. There is some small flakie-like glitter that doesn't feel sharp or look frosty on the lips and the softer color is indeed easier to wear (but isn't coral universally flattering anyway?) if you are afraid of bolds.
Several layers of Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Kiss Me Coral. You can see that the pigmentation is noticeably lower than other Revlon glosses and it still doesn't form a smooth finish or plump away the lip lines). The runnier formula also means that the shine gets absorbed very quickly and the color doesn't last for more than 2 hours.

Even though the new super lustrous formula is easy to wear, comfortable (this is completely non-sticky compared to the old Super Lustrous line, although the Colorburst range was not sticky to start with) and this particular color is flattering (it doesn't excite me as those discontinued shades like Coral Reef, Continuous Coral and the Coral Colorburst lipsticks) enough. To me, this is essentially a less-pigmented, diluted and more expensive (per unit price) take on the Colorburst gloss. The creme shades is probably different but I haven't found a shade interesting enough to buy so I can't speak for those.

Overall: Disappointing. 

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