Friday, June 17, 2011

Revlon Strawberry Colorburst Lip Gloss

Strawberry is the second Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss (or first, since the tiny sample pouch was barely enough for my entire lip area)I get to play with.It comes in a long sleek tube that's reminiscent of Chanel Aqualumiere and contains around 5.7grams of products, which is a decent amount for what you pay (6-7dollars).

The Colorburst Gloss features a new type of sponge tip applicator that's shaved off on both side. The slightly resilient tip does a fairly good job picking up the gel-textured gloss.Pigmentation of this particular shade is decent (maybe slightly less so compared to the Super Lustrous) but I always re-dip once or twice just to get my desired coverage.
Digging through my ever-growing lip gloss stash, Revlon Strawberry isn't the glittery raspberry pink I expect it to be (You can't blame me, this kind of color, especially when sheer, usually turns fuchsia on me anyway), it's more like a coral-pink, similar to Maybelline Coral Crush Lipstick. I detect a bit of a faint, weird smell when I open up the tube but the scent is neither over-powering nor does it linger.
Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss in Strawberry on Lips, the glitter doesn't feel gritty on the lips (but I wish it was micro sparkle or simply non-existent), the gloss spreads evenly on the lips and settles into a jelly finish. However, I don't find it as moisturizing, comfortable to wear as those Super Lustrous glosses from the same brand. 

Overall: Strawberry is a great shade for summer but I find the combo of glitter + bold color + glossy finish a bit too much for my liking. The truth is that, I would probably like it a lot better if I wasn't hauling lip products like a mad woman for the past month.I don't even feel like counting (more like I am in denial about my stash size), all I know is that I ended up with 9 different lipsticks glosses just from Maybelline alone. 

Damn,I need help...


  1. I love this. Definitely going on my list! :)

  2. It looks really good on your lips!! :)
    Will definitely give it a try before i buy ^^

  3. The shade looks way better on you than on me! :)

  4. I have this too, I'd also prefer if there was no glitter at all in the gloss, but I still love the shade and wear it quite often. x

  5. i have to check out this line when i get bk the uk! very pretty!

  6. It DOES look like Strawberry! Yum!

  7. @Steph & Jen
    You might like Maybelline CS high shine lipstick in Fruit Punch, the two shades are somewhat similar.

    I am sure if you add a few more layers (how I use/use up my lipgloss) the jelly look will be there.

    I think you might like Bobbi Brown Rosy (currently available at ACW although I am not sure if you want to shop there again),it's like a stickier, more gel-like and pigmented of Revlon Strawberry.

    @Nic Nic
    Revlon is quite a bomb when it comes to lip products.

    It would be even nicer it it smells like strawberry (the current scent is alright for me but many other bloggers complained about it)...

  8. i reallly want that color! it wouldn't be too much for me, it's so fab for summer! may pick it up tomorrow


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