Sunday, June 02, 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Show Off Lip Lacquer & Cocktail Colour Nail Polish

 Spotted some Walgreens exclusive, first there is the Rimmel Apocalips/ Show Off Lip Lacquer that caused a bit of stir in the UK blogger world (I think...).
Big Bang, Aurora, Luna, Stellar, Nude Eclipse, Light Year, Stargazer
Celestial, Nova, Comet, Solstice, Out of the World, Galaxy, Apocalyptic 
 Cocktail Colour In a Flash Nail Polish
 in Baby Bellini, Shirley Temple, Apple Berry Smoothie, Hawaiian Punch and Cutie Colada


  1. Yes!!! The Apocalips/Show Off Lips are here! Are you going to be picking any up? I have my eyes on the reds!

    1. Ha, I will just be boring and go for the orange-red (stellar). I wish they have more warm coral-orange-peach there (there are too many mauve-pinks!).


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