Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips S in Brown Red 08

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips S in Brown Red (08) is the last high-end lipstick I purchased for quite a while (nothing against them...I just realized I had way too many lipsticks in general and need to start using them more frequently before making more monetary commitment), it behaves exactly the way I expected it to.
The antique copper tube is simple, solid but not heavy and quite sleek looking. The seemly unscented lipstick has a hard enough stick but with just a light swipe, the color will glide off like a thin layer of (what seems like a) gel-cream that's comfortable to wear (it's neither drying or actively quenching). The lasting power is fairly decent, lasting 3-4 hours while retaining its subtle shine on a good lips day. Of course, when my lips are severely dried out, it did little to help.
Brown Red, Laura Mercier Mulberry Lip Stain, Revlon Lip Butter Pink Truffle, Revlon Balm Stain Adore, Anna Sui Rouge S in 570. Brown red (the micro-shimmer is not visible in swatch) is a rosy red that looks natural and stain-like with one swipe, more layer gives it a smoother surface, moisturized sort of shine (instead of glossy or wet-looking one) and a more polished look. More opaque layers can look a little aging so I like prefer to wear it as a stain.
Lunasol Full Glamour Lips S Brown Red - I am not too crazy about high-end lipstick but there is one quality in them that I always appreciate: They (not including MAC lipstick... well it's not even high end, or YSL rouge volupte) tend to be self-contained, staying within the lip boundary without the help of special application techniques or the help of lip brush.
 Layered with Anna Sui Rouge S (purchased back in 2006 and it still smells like rose!) in 570

Overall: I really like the color, packaging wear-time and comfort (it's a great product if you can stick with 1 or 2 lipstick). The shade is pretty workable for professional women who are a few years into their careers...

I guess I prefer using the same amount of money on 6 different drugstore ones. In that way I get to play with more colors and finishes, just sacrificing some wear time (which I don't really care about that much) or comfort (the difference is not even that big so it can be ignored)...

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