Sunday, November 11, 2012

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush - Pinched

Pinched is one of the three Photoready Blushes from Revlon Escapism Collection for Summer 2012. The soft-medium peach with silver shimmer blush is soft and creamy (Ok, more like dimenticone kind of creamy) and slightly scented (if I sniff the tub directly), I have no problem getting a not-too-gunky layer of product on my fingertip. The blush leaves a frosted glass texture that I dislike, it's expected since dimenticone is the first ingredient. 
Pinched, Jane Blushing Earth Sheer, Milani Luminoso (a bit yellower) and Nars Luster (more of a golden apricot). Even they look quite similar to each other, Pinched diffuses the most quickly as it's blended, giving just a hint of warm peach flush and soft glow. If you have medium to dark skin, this might not show up at all (but it will still work as a highlighter). On my skin, the color is sheer but at least noticeable (I suppose, by nobody but myself). As for the wear time, I am not sure if it's too natural-looking, but the formula slips off pretty quickly and becomes invisible in 2-3 hours.
The big round tub is the main reason it tempted me so much and I am actually glad to find out that once I peeled off the label, instead of a blank black lid, there is a white, slightly relieved print of "REVLON" in the center, which looks simple and classy. I always like Revlon's packaging (with the exception of their new suede lipsticks) as they are simple, practical and they stand well against mild abuse.  

Overall: Even though I kind of like the soft color (and how it's impossible to be overdone), it's definitely not worth its full price at 14 dollars or even half that (consider the majority of the big tub is just filler ingredients instead of actual pigments). If you can get it for around 4-5 bucks (with some coupon/promotion stacking), it's still a nice toy to play with.

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