Sunday, July 08, 2012

Milani Powder Bronzer in Radiant

I think beauty blogging has turned me into a culturally confused:
1. I hate getting tanned (as with most fobby Asians).
2. I tan like a mofo during summer, no matter what.
3. So I have 6 different bronzers. How did that happen?

The truth is that, I would just haul whatever crap in the store that's on sale/clearance (slap a red clearance sticker on a poo-toned gloss and I WILL BUY IT) so here you go, a bronzer that I don't know where to use (maybe I could use it to contour my belly?).
Despite its positively chocolatey appearance, Milani Powder Bronzer in Radiant is actually the lightest of the three shades offered. Like older generation milani face products,  comes with a no-frill compact (no huge under compartment with useless brush!)  and a huge 10g pans.
The powder, which contains some small glitters that are not noticeable on the skin, is firmly pressed and finely milled. With a big, fluffy brush, I can get a nice natural tan (that I don't need, since my face is already 2 shades darker than my neck) that's not horrendously orange. I suppose I could also use it on the sides of my face to contour/shade them (but I am too lazy to bother with it).
NYC Sunny, Milani Radiant, NYC Urban Spice, Milani Sunset Beach (a blush that's too brown)

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