Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NYC Urban Spice Blushable Creme Bronzer Stick

While everybody else is talking about the beautifully designed Dior Aurora(I swear that bronzer is popping up everywhere!) here is a glow-giver for girls who prefer wallet-friendly seasonal toys.
NYC Urban Spice Blushable Creme Stick in Urban Spice, medium copper with fine silver shimmer, is one of the deeper and more bronzer-like shade from the range. It's not a shade that I normally go for/wear but for a mere dollar (it's on clearance at CVS), why not?

Thanks to the silver shimmer, Urban Spice is a little easier to blend as it feels somewhat slippery/silicone-y. On the face, it shows up as a warm peachy flush with a subtle glow.The effect is rather subtle (one swipe blended on each cheek will give you a subtle sheen, two will give you a sunny glow and a bit of tan) and it works wonderfully as a base for(matte, unless you like that oily look)coral or red powder blush.


  1. Wow, so pretty! I'm not a blush person so I didn't pick up any of the other colors, but I will definitely get one of these! Great post!

  2. This is so pretty! I have Plaza Pink and I love it.


  3. This looks really nice against your skin. Pretty.

  4. Yeah, everyone is getting Aurora, but it's just too expensive for me! I will definitely look into NYC's blushes since I hear such a variety of positive things!

  5. natalie647:
    I think there are two new limited shades for their summer collection(highlighter/bronzer), you should check them out if you have a chance since they are really fun to apply!

    I can't wait to get more(I have my eyes on Big Apple Blush and probably some LE summer shades), they are kind of addicting :)

    It looks good on almost everyone (from what I have heard on MakeupAlley), it's like a poor man's Bobbi Brown shimmer brick/stick.

    I think the for the very reason(that everyone is getting Aurora) makes me want it less (well, I never like anything over 40 bucks anyway). Cheap toys are so much more fun to play with since you never know what kind of surprise you are going to get. A little side note, some of their powder blushes break very easily so be careful with them.


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