Friday, May 11, 2012

Too Faced Summertime Sexy Shadow Collection Swatches

Every season, Too Faced releases an eyeshadow palette for their limited edition collection and the summer 2012 one is called Summertime Sexy shadow collection ($36) , a palette with nude, deeper neutral then some colorful ones, three in each category.
I haven't tried any of these eyeshadow on my eyes but just from memory, the 2012 Summertime Sexy shadows are all a little thin and dry. While the browns and bolds are decently pigmented, the sheerer two don't swatch well (just imagine what's going to happen when you blend them).
The pink and coral are pretty and I am not sure why Mermaid looks so charcoal... (nothing too unique about the color and the texture is just alright) and I do like the how the three browns look. Consider the dry texture and miniscule amount in each tiny pan, it's not worth the 36 dollars just for these three shades.

Overall: Would purchase...if this palette retails for 5 bucks.

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  1. I bought this and plan on returning it. The colors get kind of muddy when you blend.


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