Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Makemania Curvy Lip Liquid Red Beige - My Perfect Nude Gloss?

Makemania, a daughter brand of B&C labs, is a Japanese drugstore line famous for their "Lip Silicone" (glassy gloss that make your lip extra plump without any sting). I ordered this Curvy Lip Liquid last year at Adam Beauty at a clearance price of 5-6 dollars, when their glosses usually retail for around 12 dollars a piece (which is actually a low to mid-range price for Japanese drugstore makeup). 
The Curvy Liquid Lip gloss has a long, furry applicator that got a fair bit of resilience- It's great for soaking up and dispensing the gloss but I really don't get why would they combine a squeeze tube with a wand applicator (and the relatively bigger opening)...It might be great for using till the last drop, it's also quite leak-prone.
Maybelline Bronze Beam, Red Beige, Revlon Nude Lustre, Revlon Rosy Lip Tint - Unlike what's on the packaging (which features a pretty model with a nice creamy brown red lips), Red Beige shows up much lighter, more like a shimmery beige with only the slightest red undertone.
Makemania Curvy Lip Liquid Red Beige on lips - As boring as "shimmery beige" sounds, there is something really flattering about the shade - it somehow gives my skin a soft glow when I am paler and works with my darker skin tone (I tan so easily it's not even funny) by resonating with the summer glow. As with most glossy and long-lasting gloss, this is a little sticky but it's nothing unbearable.
Screw the "blue-based lip gloss makes teeth whiter" theory (blue indeed cancels out yellow...but it's not like you apply it straight to your teeth)...Warm toned glosses totally work better. 


  1. omg that is so cute on you!!!! i want i mean need...

  2. you have amazing teeth! :E
    and lips! love your lip swatches.

    1. My dentist would have reassure you that "the back are bombed out"...Ahh, my love and hate relationship with soda.


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