Monday, March 07, 2011

Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer in Orient : User-Friendly Red

I am a little behind schedule but here is the day 6 of red lip week series. We have seen Coral Red, Old Hollywood Red, Girl-Next Door Red, Sort-of Red and Grandma Red for the last couple of days and here is a true, bold red that's actually quite adorable (look at the pretty floral tube!) and doable.
Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer, a relatively new range that was adding to the line back in spring 2010, is a range of creamy, non-sticky, shimmer-free (yay!) lip gloss in a big and soft squeegee tube (yay again!). The line features mainly soft and gentle colors like creamy coral,(light) pink, peach and since I usually gravitate toward bolds, I went for red, one of the two boldest shades (the other one is deep plum). 
Paul and Joe Orient (middle) with L'Oreal Turbulent at the left and Essence Red Carpet at the right. You can see the color itself is warm toned but it's adaptive to the skin color once you spread the gloss out (in my case it becomes somewhat raspberry/cherry-ish).
Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer applies like a dream on the lips: it's very pigmented (more so than their Lip Gloss and Lipstick) and  at the same time, extremely malleable. Thanks to the texture, you can use a tiny drop,spread it to get a nice flush with a soft shine or layer it up for more pop. In the above picture I use two drops, one for upper lip one for lower to show the pigmentation.
Paul & Joe Orient with Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Very Cherry (I have had it for a year a half now and the scent has already changed from weird-but-tolerable to completely foul, while in other hand my 5-year old Anna Sui Rouge S is still smelling like roses) the soft, cushiony texture makes a great base for any lipstick to glide on.

Overall: From its soft/creamy but light weight texture (it's like a more cream/gel version of Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss, a formula I already like quite a bit),great pigmentation, delicious scent (some kind of fruity baked sweet),bright-but-user friendly color,to the easy-to use squeeze tube, I love pretty much everything about Paul & Joe lip lacquer and can't wait to try a different shade!

P.S. The retails price for the lip lacquer is around 20 bucks but when you look at the 15ml it contains and online promotions that you can find all the time, it's actually not a bad deal compared to other great drugstore glosses.
P.P.S. Orient kind of reminds me of what Yoshinaga Sayuri - The Japanese teenage princess back in the 60s and 70s, is wearing in this photo.(I want her Kimono and the hair pin/hana kanzashi!)


  1. crazy color but it actually came out super nice on your lips! It scares the hell out of me to even try this on my lips, my lips are huge! LOL

  2. ooh, this sounds like a really nice formula.
    I'll need to keep an eye out on any online promotions

  3. Kuri:
    Beauty Habit always has promotion like 20% off so does Apothica (ahem, I am not paid to say this although they did have a sponsor link), which also has some of the shades for 15 dollars at the moment (I am sure you can scoop some coupon code at retailmenot as well).

  4. Oh, isn't that just lovely! *sighs*

  5. thanks! I'll check out those retailers. i've been meaning to buy something from beauty habit anyway.

  6. That's a lovely shade! I'm scared of reds but I think I could pull this off. And the formula sounds wonderful too.


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