Saturday, February 05, 2011

Essence Fairytale Lip Gloss in Berry Fairy

Essence Fairytale Lip Gloss, retails for $2, is a shimmery lilac/purple with a touch of gray. The gloss (which by the way has an artificial fruit scent) seems to have a somewhat thick conistency. It's harder to dig out the product especially with the small/stiff doe-foot applicator.
I have not tried many purple lilac lip gloss in the past but Essence Berry Fairy, as it turns out, is easily one of the worst. It's not pigmented like L'Oreal Grape Soda or Revlon Endless Lilac not as moisturizing as Mac soft note or NYC grape crush.This Essence gloss is no different from any other cheap drugstore glosses that ends up looking clear on the lips...Of course, I could always use this kind of gloss to wash down/soften up a lipstick:
Essence Berry Fairy on top of  Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Pink
(the formula for this particular shade is amazing). You can probably get this kind of result just a bout any shimmery gloss so overall: Not worth it, not even for 2 bucks.
P.S. Vintage pink also reminds me of the muted mauve lipstick Julia Restoin Roitfeld is wearing in the Lancome Ultra Lavande collection poster.It also seems to me that the "granny" brand is getting younger season by season!


  1. That is a very nice color the model is wearing. I don't think I ever tried loreal's grape soda.

  2. Hell Notes for Beauty:
    It strange that I haven't seen anything muted mauve in their spring collection though, I hope the color isn't a product of photoshop (which the brand is "known" for).

  3. Lisa:
    The applictor picks up too little for anything to stick but I guess the texture is alright, neither water nor sticky.


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