Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rimmel Vintage Pink Moisture Renew Lipstick

Since I am relatively happy with my last Rimmel purchase, I decided to get two more when I spotted some coupons along with a CVS BOGO sale. This time is another lipstick from the Moisture Renew Line.The shade I have chosen is Vintage Pink, a muted medium mauve pink with no shimmer (my last one Pink Chic looks matte from a distance but has some tiny silver shimmer to achieve that light, pastel look) whatsoever.At first I thought Rimmel Vintage pink would be a new color in my growing lipstick collection but it turns out to be quite similar to Revlon Berry Haute once it's on my purply skin (that's why it looks more purple that it should be in the lip swatch). I quite like this particular formula in the Rimmel Moisture Renew line: it's quite smooth (a lot easier to apply than the MAC creme sheen and lustre lipstick) , pigmented and relatively moisturizing (still not as good as Lancome le Rouge Absolu but heck, that's my holy grail for a reason!) plus you can't beat the 1.5 dollars price tag (7 dollars original price, buy one get one sale, two 2-dollar-off coupons)!

Overall: Rimmel lipstick beats Revlon by a landslide!


  1. this lip color looks wonderful on your lips but if I sport this lip color, I'll probably look sick :D

  2. Prefer Rimmel Vintage pink!♥
    That's pretty nice:)

  3. Wow! I love Rimmel
    This colour is amazing
    I am going to shop this weekend , Hope could find this colour tone

  4. It does look UBER smooth! I like~

  5. I love the Rimmel lipsticks too and the purple packaging is so pretty!
    I'm so jealous on all the amazing offers and coupons you get, in the UK the best we have are 3 for 2 offers and the products cost way more :(

  6. The packaging is also very cute! Emm... I might give it a try. Thanks for the review

  7. I love rimmel and yes for 1.50 you can't go wrong. I stocked on my favorites kasbah, paradise and I may have to pick this color up too. I like revlon's berry haute and this color looks great on you.

  8. I have and love this lipstick! I found that Revlon's ColorBurst lipstick in Lilac looks almost exactly like it. Of course, the Super Lustrous line would be cheaper. I'll check out Berry Haute! Thanks~

  9. Nikki:
    I am not sure, murky colors usually make skin look brighter for what I have experienced.

    The finish of Rimmel is way better.

    I bet you will be able to, it's not even a popular color.

    It's pretty darn good for this price. You should try it if you ever stop by the drugstore.

    Come on, you guys get free health care...FREE health care!

    Only try it when it's on sale (because it's not like a limited edtion product anyway.)

    Hell Notes from Beauty:
    I have stocked up quite a few when the sale was going on...time to stop buying...

    Urgh, Revlon colorburst...I am not sure why would you want to get berry haute though, it's more expensive but the finish isn't as smooth...

  10. i'm glad to see Vintage Pink featured on your blog coz i love this shade and feel that it's not getting enough 'media' attention.
    this is my first time visiting and commenting on your blog.
    I'm Hazel

  11. Hi Hazel:
    Yeah, I have three of these so far and I am most happy with vintage pink...the finish is just so much nicer than the shimmery ones.

  12. anna sui is sold @ urbanoutfitters now!

  13. yeah i picked up rimmel's vintage pink and coral shimmer during the bogo sale too but then i returned it right away after i opened and smelled it in the car...the fragrance is a bit too strong and artificial for me. do you find that it goes away after you wear it?? i would love to own this shade

  14. Renee:
    It's hard to say because the smell didn't bother me in the first place. Even there was a smell, I think my nose would just get used to it after it has been on for a few minutes.

  15. I absolutely adore this shade, it goes so well with my brown hair! ^^ http://littlemisslipstick.blogspot.co.uk


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