Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer and their Scented Nail Polishes are Back!

Some nail products from Revlon for the new year:
An egg-shaped, double sided nail buffer called Revlon CrazyShine. My friend (whose phone was used to take these picture since I left my SD card in my laptop) used this and said it made her nail quite shiny (and she likes it).
Revlon brought back the Scented Nail polish, which includes one of my favorite nail colors of all time, the frosty lilac called Not So Blue Berry. The poster is the exact same one as the one from last year it looks like all they did is photoshop the purple onto Halle Berry's nails...(Well, at least this time we don't see visible nail line anymore)


  1. I hate revlon's polishes they are always so dam runny. Howvere this lilac color is amazing. Love it.

  2. I still don't get the purpose of scented nail polishes (who smells their hands anyway), but the colors are very pretty.

  3. I LOVE Not So Blueberry! I just painted my nails with it yesterday and posted a review today (the review also includes two other purple things too!). You don't have to smell your hands to notice it, and it's a lovely smell, a great color, and goes on nice 'n smooth.



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