Thursday, September 16, 2010

Revlon Fall 2010 Suede Rhapsody and Just Add Sparkle

Another Gucci Westman (remember those colorful lip glosses released back in summer?) Collection from Revlon and I think it's another hit from them!First, in the Revlon Suede Rhapsody Collection, there are several nail colors (some of them in matte finish) the color theme totally reminds me of Christmas. As always, Revlon released an eyeshadow quad along with the collection, for some reason it just doesn't look that interesting when I saw it in person, although the teal it's quite unique(for drugstore eyeshadow).
My favorite part is the lipstick, there are three new matte shades (hot pink, coral pink and bright coral) and three in the cream finish. In this collection, Revlon also introduced a new Multi-use paint, with the two upper squares for lips and cheep and the bottom two for eyes.

I am pretty glad that there are still many coral releases even in the fall, because it seems that I can't get enough of this color!
Revlon Just Add Sparkle, a (not so) new range of cream nail polishes and glittery top coat. I think I the navy blue cream should look pretty good by itself.


  1. I'm curious to check out the lipsticks. I have never tried color stay shadows but the green looks nice.

  2. The lipsticks look interesting!

  3. Where did you see this collection?

  4. AHHH I love your blog so much! Your drugstore spycam pics are always so clear and up-to-date!


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