Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Spring 2010 Makeup Trend - Fuchsia, Coral, Jewel Purple and Taupe

I need some filler posts (so feel free to ignore it) before my camera comes (Amazon free shipping takes freaking forever, I might as well just order from the other side of the earth...) here is come Microsoft Paint compilation of some items from Spring 2010 collection. It's quite easy to see what are the hit color for the season since they just pop up over here and over there.

Fuchsia Fever (is here to stay)

Fuchsia was quite pouplar Spring 2009 and it seems that it actually gets hotter for the year 2009. Purple somewhat dominated fall (along with some 80s colors) and now even the purple in spring makeup gets deeper (it's usually lilac, not deep purple that get released for spring.)

Crazy over Coral

If you have seen swatch pictures from Yuki's channel, the Guerlain blush is mainly coral with a tad bit of neutral pink spots after you deflowered the top most layer. Anyway, I am waiting for Lancome l'absolu rouge in Chris and Tell. That shades look like a perfect coral for the season.

Top it over with Taupe
I can see Pink Sith laughing at a corner for this. I think the taupe is more of a mini trend as it's not popping out like fuchsia or coral. But Chanel, MAC (which released a bunch of taupe stuff in their Warm and Cozy and that equal opportunity collection, they all that all races all sexes and all ages but there are only 2 young, skinny female models..) I have never had any taupe item but I think I might pick up a nail polish in that color.


  1. I'm thinking I don't do enough coral colours but since I've seen the colours from this post I reckon I'd like to go out and try some heheheeh... Would be real nice right now for that simple glowy look since it's Spring/Summer here in Australia now :)

  2. I actually prefer using coral for fall and like to leave spring for fuchsia since warm weather with warm blush is just too warm for me.

  3. Cosmetics are clearly unnecessary and are produced by a massive and wasteful industry. We can choose to change our cultural values. After all, Natural is Green.


  4. Hi Canada Guy:
    Do you mind if I call you a hypocrite since you have some huge ad for Bare Escentual on your green blog?

  5. Sorry Citrine, I don't control the ads. I had a similar problem with my article about plastic water bottles. You can guess the ads on that one. :(


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