Mini Mascara Round Up

Here is a little mascara roundup since I haven't done one for more than a year. Some (one) of the review is not complete but I wanted to take nice picture for that and cellphone picture just doesn't make the cut.
Lancome Nasty Lash- Self explanatory title.

Maybelline XXL entensions double sided mascara- Worth it,the primer would work well with other mascara, worth buying if and only if it's less than 50 cents.

NARS Black Orchid - Zero clump, zero chips, (close to) zero length and zero volume. What do I even bother?

Physicians' Formula Plump Potion- Fiber free formula that lenghtens and thickens well. 10 dollars is way too much, wait for the 40% off sale. The winner of the bunch.

Anna Sui Super Black Mascara Full- Smells nice, works alright. Lenghtening one is better. (The tube is really cute and shiny though...)