Friday, December 18, 2009

Maybelline Intense XXL Extensions Mascara

In case you wonder why did I get two Maybelline when I said I have sworn off their products. I was at ULTA , having 6 dollars worth of product in my basket, I needed some filler to take advantage of the buy 10 dollars get 3.5 dollars off coupon. These mascara were half off plus buy one get one free (so they were 2 for 4 bucks). At the end, I reckon it's worth it to pay 50 cents to just try these out. If all things fails, I could always use the white primer on other mascara I have.
Maybelline Intense XXL mascara was released 4-5 years ago and each year they would have a new version added to the XXL family. Just like other Maybelline mascaras that are released on a seasonal basis, these are just as bad/mediocre as the other. The whole point of Maybelline releasing mascara with new package is to make people believe that (unlike the 239 existing sub-line) this time it would really make a difference...Does it? Of course not.

The two mascara both have a primer end and a mascara end. I like mascara with primer as they lengthens well in general. The maybelline primer, a white paste that clings on lashes, is not overly gooey or thin but it requires a comb to prevent glued up lashes and minor clumps.

The formula of the two mascara are quite similar but the brushes varies: for the original XXL with white and blue tube, the wand looks like a test tube brush (or infinite macro chromosome, arranged radially, strung by barbecue stick at the centromeres). For the XXL extension, the bristles are arranged like a helix.

The mascara wands for the two has the same type of bristle. Both of the mascara tint the lashes very slightly (Extension works slightly better) and looks rather clean if I am not too heavy-handed but if I layer them on with the primer (in order to cover up the white, I need a few more swipes) there is a good deal of chipping, flaking and it seems that Maybelline mascara has a tendency to smudge like crazy on me...This is definitely one of those.

Anyway, the primer end (of the black tube one) works pretty well with other mascara, when I used it with Physician's Formula Plump Potion, the combo gives me monster length. (Still a bit of flaking but I could deal with it.)


  1. Hi Citrine, how do you find mascara for under 50 cent? LOL I usually end up spending at least $7, even on the cheapest mascaras.

  2. Claire:
    It takes some serious planning (the time I wastes would probably worth more than 7). The bottom line is that, I never buy them when they are full priced because any drugstore brand always go on sale and they don't sell out like LE mac items.

    Anyway, the best method for maybelline is to get those manufacturer's coupon (usually a hot pink sticker on the bottle of Maybelline products) and "pile" them with sale and coupon provided by the retailers themselves.


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