Friday, August 14, 2009

NARS Mascara in Black Orchid

Am I in a NARS kick lately? Nope, I just got this quite a while ago with the Black Moon Raccoon liner as well as a the Pandora eyeshadow duo, it took me a while before I play with something enough times to give a review.

NARS black orchid mascara is packaged in a angular tubes, make with the same material as their rubber compact. I like mascara packaged in black tube, but shiny is more of my thing.

The wand looks the same as that of Almay volumizing mascara, like a double helix. If you can't tell, the mascara is quite runny compare to other mascaras I have tried, the texture is like that of a thin liquid eyeliner instead of a gooey mascara.

The effect is not like any mascara I have tried before, once the lashes are coated by this mascara evenly (quite easy to achieve)...there is no smearing, chipping or clumping whatsoever...There is almost zero thickening or lengthening.

NARS black orchid is by far the most natural mascara I have ever tried...Actually, it's so natural that it becomes pointless even applying it: It does coat the lashes and tint the ends (my ends tend to be thinner, not as dark/sometime just very light in color) but it's so subtle that you will rather spend the 1 minute snoozing instead of applying it.


  1. Now I am seriously clueless, I just came back from a beauty store and I saw nars and never see a mascara! thanks for the review :D

  2. Lol - so it looks too natural to be useful XD?
    Thanks for letting the world know ;).

  3. Thanks for the reviw. It sounded nice until you said it's very natural. I don't like mascaras that give a natural effect. If a mascara doesn't add both volume and lenght, I don't see the point in using it.

  4. Nikki:
    I think Nars is only famous for their eyeshadow/blush...this one came with a smokey eye set (or was it black eyes set?)

    It's way way way way way (you know where I am heading) too natural, especially for Nars.

    For me, I am happy as long as it lengthens...voluminous ones tend to get clumpy on me.

  5. Aw, how disappointing. I want my lashes to look longer and separated.


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