Choo Choo by Jetoy - Cute overload for the cat lovers

A year ago, a well tempered Korean exchange student in my school, who also happened to be my co-worker, a short term roommate and last but not least, a good friend gave me a very delicate and well made personal planner/cash book with a cute cat on the cover. There are also beautiful illustrations ( you can see the cover in this post) through out the whole planner.

She gave it to me and tell me that jotting down my daily spending would help reduce the cluttering in our room (lol), ironically, instead of taking note of what I have spent, I use it for what I plan to buy and random rambling like "OMG I saw a really good looking guy in my tennis class!!!"

A year has passed and it seems that I am running out of space in my cashbook (I call it the Drool Book as it contains stuff I have been drooling over.) so I went online, typing the English words on the drool book cover, trying to see if anybody else know the line. It turns out that the company Jetoy is quite well known for those planners. Here are some picture I snatched from their site.

Blushing kitty with roses...awww.
A meow with pearl earrings. (There are also one with snow-white and little red riding hood.) Beside the planners an diary, the site also has accessories, clothes, stationary and stuff like passport cover (I might need that since I look really pissed in my passport). These design are a lot more ornate than the Japanese line Neko Mania so I think I would just go with 1-2 products at a time to avoid overkill. And these items are generally over 10 bucks and you can find those on Ebay from Korean sellers.

Speaking of Ebay, a random person stole my picture for Stila Cherry Crush...Jerk...


  1. OMG, I need some of these! The pearl earring one is so cute!

  2. Hey, I saw ur msg on my blog sale.
    Just thought to let you know that I am going to the states on sunday. I would expect shipping to be cheaper if I ship from there. so if you can't resist temptations of the coffret d'or palates...just let me know...

  3. Pixie:
    Show us your haul (if you make any in the future.) I am still waiting for the holliday season to be over so the shipping would be faster.

    You are going to carry these with you? Thanks for letting me know but it usually takes me forever to make a buying decision. And I admit that I have some issue with used makeup (you know how men in mainland China cares so much about virgins?)I sometime think that if it's used (even 1x) by other people, it depreciate by 1000x...

    Yeah, I have issues...

  4. Hahaha...i understand don't worry...
    I was gonna carry them with me anyway, because I've been getting inquiries about them. Just thought that if you wanted them I'd let you have first pick :)
    Did not know that about mainland men... I think that only applies to their wives, as for their'd be naive to expect them to be virgins, no?

  5. Sure will. I just ordered pearl earring kitty and a passport cover on ebay. Very excited!

  6. Daituf:
    Sometime I just want to spend more money to be the person who deflower the makeup...(I think Chinese guy want their girlfriend to be virgins while they are not against pre-marital they are just hypocrites and hymen restoration operation are very common in China)

    Ooh, I will wait :)


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