Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

I am totally having a kick with those glittery eyeliner. I think they are much more fun than the shimmery ones!
These liners comes in pretty tubes, while the packaging a lot visually appealing than the too faced starry eyed glitter liner but they don't look that much better once it's on the skin(They look a lot worse as my hand got pretty dry that day due to the blowing wind.)

Note: Headbanger is actually called metal head (when you have more than 50 eyeliner drawn on your hand, you will lose track...hence the question marks...) These Urban Decay eyeliners, color wise, are quite basic: they all have glitter in a clear base that you can get rid of easily with water. When it's dry, you will only see the glitter (with out the trail of drool) which makes them a very versatile layering piece as you can use it on top of any colored eyeliner.

While they look very good in the tube, the colors are not very concentrated once applied(but then again you don't need that much glitter to get the effect)...Another thing which makes them a bit boring is that most of the shades are quite flat as they only contain glitter in one color.

Note about certain shades:

Midnight Cowboy
is the most concentrated of all.
Baked looks really concentrated in the picture but its just because the bottle I swatched was gooey.
Spandex is the only multi-colored one in the selection.
Distortion has only one clear glitter but this specific type is duo chrome, so it shifts from yellow to pink.

For some random reason, I kept thinking that the purple one is called "head-banger" when it's actually called metal head (kind of the same reason why I just believed that tear comes out of "tear ducks"...) Well, your head got to be hard enough to bang...

Well, I think these eyeliner are alright as I would prefer a more concentrated glitter pay-off or more variety/depth given by interesting glitter combination. The good part about these is just that non of the color is tacky.


  1. you are an eyeliner connoisseur! what's your favorite fun/non-black/brown eyeliner?

  2. Overall: Stila smudge pot and eyeshadow in Jade were my absolute favorite for a long time until the smudge pot dried out (and the shadow is a bit dusty). Now it got replaced by Nars Fuji, applied dry with flat Stila brush. For the liquid, I like a glitter liner from prestige (the glitters are quite subtle) they are supposed to be a copy cat for Bourjois glitter liner.

    By the way, I love those Jemma Kidd liquid liners but I am too cheap to buy them (I like their finish a lot better than Urban Decay or whatever it's out there.)especially they are 17.5 a piece for a target brand.

  3. Wow I don't like how it's just clear and glitter. But I guess it would look amazing layered. Too much work haha.

  4. babe...collection 2000 glitter eyeliners are really good and dense. u should try them out x

  5. simpleelegance:

    I have heard of those from a UK based blogger, I guess if I ever go there I will make sure to pick up some BarryM, Sleek and C2000...Right now I am not too fond of the eBay markup and international shipping time...

    Why are you calling me "babe"? *Shudders*


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