Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prestige Glitter Eye Liner

The packaging of Prestige Liquid Glitter precision eyeliner is a lot like the liquid glitter eyeliner from Bourjois (coincidence?) and the color of the container basically represent the actual color of the liquid liner: brown with subtle glitters.

The texture is a bit on the runny side (in a good way), it's pigmented enough yet it's very easy to apply. The brush tip applicator is actually brush (instead of a pointy tiny sponge) it's firm enough to give you a very precise line.

Not bad for something that only costs around 4 bucks.


  1. I heard prestige eyeliners are great for the price :) thanks for reconfirming

  2. I love this product, but when I went to buy more I noticed that I can only find it at select stores. I even tried Prestige's home page, and they did not have it. In my area only CVS and Ulta keep this product in stock.

  3. Hi there:
    I actually found this very one at Walgreen instead, the CVS near me carries a very limited stock.And I have notice that the Prestige at Walgreen is having a price chop recently...but I guess it depends on location.


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