Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jemma Kidd Eyeliner

Something truly wonderful from Jemma Kidd, the liquid eyeliners are rich, vibrant and was so freakin' difficult to remove.

Each of them costs 18 dollars and there are 6 beautiful shades available...But, for that price, why don't I just get MAC liquidlast instead?

And their eyeliner pencils? Not so impressive:

The liner pencils are are sheer, waxy...the same quality as those Wet n Wild and NYC pencils liners.(Which costs at most $1)


  1. Those liquid liners are really pretty!!! A close match to the Lunasol ones.

  2. the liquid liners are way prettier! I am in love with liners!! So you know this made me wanna grab it :)

  3. Fuz:

    Wow, a match for lunasol? Wow, but the lunasol has much prettier packaging though...


    I think you will get a better deal buying MAC instead, I think they are cheaper and have more colors...

  4. The liquid eyeliners are gorgeous! Too bad they are so expensive!

  5. omg, those eyeliners are GORGEOUS. I don't thin they are available around here. I'd love that bright blue one.

  6. but they cant be good for ur skin, i tried the eyeliner and it wouldn't come off!!!!!! i tried 4 different face washes plus soap, lotion, and in a final attempt tried some on my hand and tried removing it with acetone! nothing! i had to wait 5 frickin days for it to wear off! wouldn't recommend it to anyone, its not worth it!


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