Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Too Faced Smurfy Eyed Glitter Eyeliner

(I don't really feel like posting so much glittery stuff at once, but I guess I need some filler post to push down the over-sized youtube screen...)

Don't you love glitter, especially when they are packaged in a cute design?
Too Faced Smurfy- eyed liquid eyeliner are two of my recent glitter purchases. It was released back in spring at sold for 17.5 dollars but it got marked down to 4 dollars a piece in Too Faced site (not to mention there is a 20% code) 2 weeks ago.
Actually the main reason I bought this was the pretty smurfette caps! (Too bad the pretty pattern doesn't align with the tube itself when it's completely secured.) While I am not insane enough to spend 18 dollars on a trail of glitter on my eyes, 4 bucks was perfectly reasonable for pretty toys like this.
Feelin' Smurfy is clear with iridescence, the formula is rather sheer but a tad bit would give a nice (relatively natural) teary look and it looks awesome layer with bright color like turquoise, lime or teal.

Smurf you is just a chunky blue glitter without any special effect.

Layered with Prestige Liquid eyeliner in big teal.


  1. I love glitter! The prestige liner totally steals the show though.

  2. ooo you got a good deal on these! is the sale still going on? I totally don't have any glittery liners and I think I should start :)

  3. Smiley:
    Yeah, prestige big teal is quite pretty on its own...(I have 4 of those but I think the teal one is the prettiest color).

    I just checked the vintage session of too faced apparently they raised the price back to 17.5 (what the ...) but sephora (go to Too Faced page and then click eyeliner) has it for 8.75 ...I guess it's slightly better?

  4. that prestige shade is so nice! but back to the smurf products--i saw them on the site, and i admit to be tempted...i used to love that show :)


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