Friday, October 23, 2009

Lip Combo: Playing with Seashell

Another warm lip combo featuring a nice drugstore lipstick- My lips are quite red and have a profound purple undertone so they have a tendency to turn a sheer coral into a baby pink or turn a medium red into Cherry that I found that it's better to layer 2 different warm lip products if I want to get the perfect peachy pout. Anyway, I start with a sheer coral gloss from Sally Hansen (I have yet to get a Sally Hansen gloss that's not sheer.)I have a love/hate relationship with this gloss named playful. I love the vanilla scent, the creamy gel texture, the soft coral color it has and the fact that it fills up the tiny lip lines (instead of inflating the whole thing up), giving a plump appearance. At the same time, the color pay-off is quite poor (or my lips are too red?) for the pretty shimmer to actually show and plumping gloss are that flattering on me. Anyway, the gloss is a perfect base for another Sally Hansen Lipstick. Sea Shell Nude has an awesome creamy texture but the chocolate brown color can be a bit too strong unless you are heading the "serious business woman" route. If you have a favorite lip color that you find too dark for day time, use it on top of a gloss in the same color family (i.e. warm color plus warm color) might give you the best of both worlds.


  1. aww where do u take ur picts?always beautiful background !lol
    really refreshing !hehehe
    all ur lip swatch are so

  2. that looks very pretty on your lips and its even better with the smiling lips :)

  3. You should do all your lip swatches smiling... you have such a beautiful smile!

  4. Vanilla:
    I take them out door near where I live, for the nail polishes one I do them in the balcony...I usually make sure there is some natural light so colors aren't too distorted.

    Everything looks better with a smile!

    Thanks! Actually I don't do smiling swatches because smiling stretchs my lips and make the line disappears...

    Not that it's a bad thing but some lip gloss/stick are line enhancer/very gooey and I don't want people to think the gloss is smooth just because I stretch the area out. Anyway, I think the picture taken at a relaxed state gives the best representation of a lip gloss's finish.

  5. What a pretty combination! You have beautiful lips.

  6. You teeth ARE nice!!!
    If I had teeth like those..I'd just walk around with my mouth open all the time...

  7. Gio:
    Thanks.(I don't know what else to say)

    Actually the main reason I don't open my mouth when I do lip swatch because I will just drool...and look very retarded...

  8. how do you whiten your teeth? haha

  9. Liz:
    I brush my teeth, floss, try not to drink that much soda (but fail) and visit my dentist for cleaning regularly.


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