Lip Combo: Cherry Fuschia Zuzana

Apparently, I ran out of creative name for my lip combos.
Cool color, soft shiny finish...Ever wonder where does a pretty lip color come from?

First, I used Stila Cherry Crush with a layer of Pixi lip booster in Zuzana on top...The combo makes my lips look like they are blistering.

Then I added some Stila Convertible color in Fuchsia, which is a bit drying by itself and usually shows up more purple than it actually is.


  1. You used the convertible color over the lipgloss? That's really interesting, but I love how it turned out!! You should do more of these combos. hehe.

  2. Smiley:
    It's pretty much the only way for me to wear convertible color on lips...A little of the convertible color doesn't look that good as a stain, too much will look heavy, if I use it beneath lip gloss, it stains the brushes and when I apply it and get wipe off by the applicator itself.

    Anyway, I always use a gloss at a base if the lip color is too drying /harsh.

  3. That's a beautiful lip color/ it!!

  4. That's a very pretty lip combo!


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