Monday, September 07, 2009

Pixi Lip Booster in Zuzana

Pixi is a "High End" brand available in Target (Like Jemma Kidd). I am not that kind of person who buys expenive stuff from "cheap" place but I was in search of a nice cherry red gloss (My babypink and Lancome Cherry on Top are running dangerously low and they are hard to find nowadays.) so I decided to give it a go after testing the lip booster out on the back of my hand, I picked out Zuzana, a sheer raspberry red (it's a lot cooler with one layer) that smell like a delicious glass of fruit punch.
Lip Booster from Pixi is packaged the same way as Stila Lip Glaze, which is quite nice to take out with and touch up during the day but the down side is the small volume (hence high unit price.) but the lip booster is a bit cheaper than Stila lip glaze and has 4.4ml instead of the 2.4ml from Stila.
I think that I like this particular shade of Pixi Lip Booster a lot better than all the Stila lip glazes I have tried. The finish is considerably less jelly (so the gloss isn't nearly as gunky), it smells delicious (instead of plastic like) and there are more product for less price.

Anyway, Pixi is a total keeper for me.

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  1. Sounds all so good! I've yet to try any Pixi products.


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