Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sally Hansen Fast Fix Eyeshadow Base

Whenever people talk about eyeshadow primer, Urban Decay and Too Faced always seem to be at the center of attention. There are not many drugstore competitors out there anyway. L'Oreal has a primer called De-Crease but the tiny amount and the doe foot applicator was a big turn-off for me. Sally Hansen is the only one left, and since I like the brand (and the cute packaging) I picked one of their Fast Fix shadow base up during a 3 dollars off sale.
The packaging of Sally Hansen Fast Fix shadow base is quite similar to their cream blush or eyeshadow trio, with a textured leave at the center of the compact. There isn't actually that much product in the pan (there is around 2-3 grams) for the seven dollar price tag so unit price wise, it's no less expensive than Urban Decay primer potion or Too faced eyeshadow insurance. But at least the packaging lets you know how much product there is left as well as it's easy to get out the very last bit.

Take a look at the ingredient list, it's no surprises that Dimethicone is a main ingredients here. I personally hate the ingredient as it has a nasty slick texture and it dulls my hair when I use conditioner that is rich in that (Dove, I am talking about you.) But I guess the slick texture bounds to powder shadow well as it's the main ingredient in almost all types of makeup primer.

As of the eyeshadow primer itself, its performance depends completely on the surrounding temperature. When it's around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38-9 Celsius?) , the primer is very creamy, smooth and easy to get out an even layer and dot them on the eyes but when it drops to 77 F (25 C) becomes very thick and hard to blend, eventually looking quite cakey on my eyes. And there doesn't seem to be a way to warm it up as the compact is relatively thick. Well, unless you want to rub it between fingers but that would be quite wasteful.

Anyway, the primer does enhance the color of the shadow when I can get it out in a hot day, but since it's already fall. This becomes a hassle to use.

You would like this if
1) You want a eyeshadow primer that sort of works
2) You only need your eyeshadow last for a few hours
3) You haven't realized the unit price of this is more expensive than too faced
4) You like the cute little round compact
5) You are sucker for anything on sale.
6) Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance is too expensive for your budget
7) You live in somewhere that's very hot.

Overall, Sally Hansen fast fix is OK for the (after discount) price but Too faced is definitively better.


  1. Ahaha, funny review!
    But so true... my too faced primer is lasting me this point, if it doesn't expire, it will probably be enough for a life time...
    Thanks for this, otherwise I might have gotten it because it's on sale... :)

  2. Haha, it IS cute... what a shame it's not too decent for its price tag.

  3. wow...Sally Hansen came out with an eyeshadow base??? They are coming up with so many stuffs there and I still see nail products down here lol :)

  4. I didn't know Sally Hansen had released an eyeshadow base! It looks pretty but it's too bad it doesn't work too well.

  5. I completely agree that Too Faced Shadow Insurance is the superior product and it last forever! You barely need but a pin head amount per eye and in fact, the less you use, the better it works!

  6. Daituf:
    I think Too faced should last a long while as the packaging is relatively air tight and hygienic. But the oil/white part tend to separate in hot weather though.

    I think it should work perfectly well if
    1) you get it for around 3-4 bucks
    2)you live somewhere close

    I think I will just try to use it on EOTD (not that I have anything to post) just to use it up.

    It from their Carmindy sub-line, the whole title would be a mouth full: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty inspired by Carmindy Fast Fix Eyeshadow primer.

    It's not bad actually, just not winder suitable.

    TFSI is indeed the best of the bunch, I just don't get why Urban Decay is still stubborn that they never change the packaging into a squeeze tube, it would make a serious competition for Too Faced.

  7. I actually really like it. I've been using it for six months now. I work long hours and it works well for me!

  8. I have been using Sally Hansen Fast Fix Eyeshadow Base for many years. I love it!!!


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