Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bring on the Beads: Fobs Accessories Part II

I just thought that some of you might what to see something (other than nail polish) for a change. Here is the part two of my fob accessories that I don't know how to categorize until I found out that most of them are beaded.
A long cloisonne necklace I got from my mom. Although this necklace is quite expensive because of the craftsmanship mom never quite put this in her treasure box, instead, she kept it along with her bottom (yes, she bought enough cloth to have a whole drawer full of back-up bottoms) so when I saw if I can have it, she OK-ed right away.

Anyway, this necklace looks awesome with a white with blue floral pattern Cheongsam I have (it's just weird wearing that outside in US though. I actually always wondering around (even when I was grocery shopping) in those kind of dresses (not the formal kinds) when I was in China...

A faceted garnet bracelet I got for quite a while that the elastic is a bit loose already. I love how the red would become wine with stronger light. Chinese people think that garnet help women regulate their cycles because of the red color is corresponding to...

So called Tibetan bead (another thing they try to trick tourist on) bracelet from my cousins. It's not exquisite or overly interesting piece but it would add a bit fun to a plain T-shirt and jean ensemble. My grandma asked someone to send me this agate necklace just this summer. The material isn't superb (agate is quite abundant in China so the basic thing I expect from a nice jewel piece is an even distribution of color.) Oh, those ornamental beads are actually plastic, I can see the mark and air bubble.

On the back, there is a rabbit...(That's so not my sign.)
My aunt gave me a nice crystallized glass (people tend to call this kind of glass Swarovski) bracelet, which has some tarnished metallic bead, that looks pretty good in artificial light and when it's suspended in midair( so the light and shot in and get refracted and reflected into all direction.) but it's look a lot less pretty when it's on my arm though, anyway, I grew out of the "shiny" stage since I was 14 and it's a bit unlikely I will ever go back since these stuff actually cut my skin (ouch)...Especially when it's cold and dry.

Anyway, next Accessories post would be a bit more interesting (and there would be no venting!)

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