Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wet n Wild Crazed Nail Polish Part II & My Haul

Since most of the Wet n Wild Crazed Nail color were gone for good the time I got to the drugstore, I decided to pay another visit at a different branch of the grocery store in a more remote location (at which there are much lower concentration of vain college girls...Gotta avoid the competition when it comes to getting cool and cheap goodies you know?) and I finally found the rest of the collection!

I forgot to snap a picture of this last time, I think most of the Wet n Wild posters for all of their limited editions are all pretty neat including this one. I love the makeup on the model...(It will look like Beijing opera once it's on me though.) and on her tips, I believe she is wearing the star of the collection "Nocturnal".

The hot pink and orange both looks like they are the left over from their earlier chrome nail lacquer collection so I am not going to bother with those, (not that I am not over fuchsia already after getting so many junk in that color not to mention I do have a lot of orange T-shirts already and I sure don't need matching nails for those.)

I had a impression that the Nocturnal is a shimmering deep navy for a stupid reason:
Debussy's Nuit d'etoiles/Starry Night (an OK French song which got butchered by our choir, well, "we" are all Americans, what can I say?) is kind of like a nocturne and it implies deep blue with shiny particles... Therefore any nail polish called nocturnal is shimmery by law of association! (It amazes me sometimes how my brain works/doesn't work.)

It turns out that Nocturnal actually has a cream finish, that's so much better as I was craving for a cheap (that's how I am) cream navy polish for my sexy sandals (which I don't even have or plan to buy) ever since I saw this and this blog entry. Haha, no need to hunt down some crazy expensive OPI !

Anyway, here is my picks from the collection, I usually go for 2 items for each Wet n Wild collection but this time I got 4 instead and from left to right:

Rustic, Jade (Hello delicious Granny Smith!), Morbid (So gorgeous that I ran out of words for it) and Nocturnal (Inky sky at midnight).

Just around the corner by the beauty session, I found some really cute stuff!

It looked so cute at first sight for me since I like old fashioned stuff like this porcelain mirror.

They look much worse when I found out that this piece of baked earth actually costs 20 bucks, 2 dollars more expensive than an Anna Sui mirror...

This little area is called a "fair trade" corner featuring handcraft items from around the world (actually just the developing countries) and I seriously doubt that they are even paying the maker a dollar for one piece of this (If you were to buy this kind of mirror with similar quality in China, the retail price would be less than $1...) so I would rather call it "taking advantage of 3rd world countries corner".
But they are at least kind of nice to look at though, like this mother of pearl mirror.

This one costs $10 but I wouldn't buy it since I doubt it will be as anti-breakage as the tough Anna Sui one I have. (Of course, I do think that buying these would somewhat helps those people leeching off those workers...I mean, it's nice you are expanding market for those countries workers, but the markup is just plain scary in my opinion.


  1. Oh wow, Craze hasn't showned up where I live, and it's already gone where you are :-) We are so behind, lol

  2. Halifax:
    I think it would show up eventually, it's even on their website and they didn't call it a limited edition.

    And there Halloween nail polish collection is already out today.

  3. i had to buy two morbids and two shields, i think those were the best colors from the collection. i also bought one nocturnal.


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