Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wet n Wild New Crazed Nail Color collection is here and it's gone...

Ever since I saw the swatches of those Wet n Wild crazed nail polish collection from Steph's closet , I have been pretty psyched and going to the grocery stores way more often than I needed to. Just yesterday, I went to buy a bag of cherries (Six bucks for a tiny bag, I should have gone with the mega sized watermelon instead...) but the collection wasn't there. Today, I decided I need more fruit so I dropped by the grocery store again...(That was a total excuse, I got nothing but junk food) And today the display is here!
There were only these 4 bottles left...I was eying on that bottle of shimmery black-navy called Nocturnal, which reminds be of a even more mysterious version of that nail polish from Lancome Declaring Indigo collection. (I can't find a swatch since,at her website, Steph swatched the dark green one twice and left the navy behind...)

I guess I will try to find it at another branch..

Wet n Wild also has a new range called Aura color changing gloss... I am pretty positive that this will turn into a shade of cool pink on me so I am not going to bother.


  1. The color changing gloss packaging reminds me a lot of Smashbox's O Glow! It'd probably turn pink just like it. I like the cap design on the polishes. The one on the far right looks good to me.

  2. Thanks for the notice! I want to try it out!

  3. Haha, the polish I was wearing is Visee BL903.. okay now you know.. :P

  4. you are so funny, going to the fruit aisle and ended up with Junk Food, how could that be? The aisle is totally far from each other! LOL :)

    Love the Wet n' Wild polish look, wow only 4 left? they must be good!

  5. the dark green polish is pretty... hope you find it!

    i agree, those glosses look like o-gloss... i'm half-intrigued, half-skeptical about this color-changing trend!

  6. Smiley13tree:
    I think the lighting of my camera inside the grocery store is a bit skewed, since the gold and the far right taupe seemed to be the boring shades when in real life (but the taupe looks like it's prismatic in picture...I don't know why.)

    Anyway, the nasty bright green is actually a granny smith green with golden shimmer, really pretty in real life, and the dark green is drop death gorgeous as well.

    Mercury Lady:
    Yeah, definitly check the collection out, they are only 2 bucks a piece and some shades are quite unique.


    oooh, I just checked those on Adambeauty and they are same price as OPI...But I am too cheap to buy OPI nowadays anyway. ( I do have a bottle of OPI I want but why do they never go on sale!?)


    They are pretty good, especially for the price and very pretty packaging.


    I already got the dark green...(It is gorgeous...and I found the deep navy today...Yay)

  7. Where did you go? Where did you find them...LOL I've hit all twelve of our various drug stores two walmarts a target and online....why are they so hard to find...ugh.


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