Shu Uemura Eye Shadow Single

My first Shu Uemura makeup items, given by a friend.

On the left it's 800- a slightly shimmery earthy sand gold. And on the right is 510 a slightly shimmery gray green.
They both look pretty dull, and they are pretty dull. The color payoff is alright for a Japanese brand (reads: quite shitty if you are used to American brands) and they both look like a layer of dust on my eyes. Maybe it's just becuase of the colors, but texture wise, I still like Jane a lot better.

But at least the clear plastic packaging is really substantial looking and pretty though. (Pain in the @$$ to open if you have super short nails.) and they are a breeze to de-pot.


  1. Hahaha they do look like dirt! Why you buy them?! :P

  2. Oh, that sucks! I hate the packaging. Looks cheaper than drugustore. DX

  3. Fuz:
    I didn't, a friend of mine bought it for apparently no reason and gave it to me...I bet she thinks it looks like dust as well....


    Actually a lot of drugstore brands (Loreal, Physicians formula and Wet n Wild) tried to copy the clear compact look Shu Uemura has, but those drugstore compact usually breaks/chip very easily...

    Shu Uemura can look pretty good, if you learn to ignore the poopy colors of the actual shadow.

  4. I find that the Shu Uemura packaging looks very very simple for it's brand and price but you know what? that's the best way to put the eyeshadows! Easy access, not too bulky and easy to see the shades :D


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