Sunday, June 14, 2009

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Power Walk Pink

I like the Super Lustrous lip gloss quite a bit (as I have gotten 3 tubes already: wild orchid, nude lustre and cherries in the glow) , especially the ones without crazy shimmer. Anyway, the auntie brand comes up with something amazing (like that not so blueberry nail color) once in a blue moon. This particular shade of lip gloss is another one of those goodies.

It's from the breast cancer awareness line The milky soft fuchsia gloss called Power Walk Pink just caught my eyes right away ( I still waited a little for that 3$ off promotion) since I know bright colors (that are lighter than my lip colors) usually work well for me.

Texture wise it's the same as Cherry in the Glow, not too thin or sticky. The scent isn't awesome but it doesn't bother me either.

I seriously need to use sunscreen, now my neck is lighter than my face...


  1. really? your neck is lighter than your skin? I can't seem to see that! but true about wearing sunscreen :D Love the lip color! Haven't tried any revlon glosses :)

  2. I know what you mean about the smell of the lipgloss
    hence I'm more of a lipbalm girl

    Just found your blog randomly clicking
    I'm really loving that you post pictures of makeup slathered on your arm. Keep it up

    Oh and can you recommend a good tinted moisturizer with spf
    I bought the Stila one without shimmer ( too pricey for not a lot of product too) and I think it's too oily for summer.

  3. It looks pretty on you! The make your lips look so full, no that they aren't already. lol It's good that it doesn't smell too bad; that can be a deal breaker for me.

  4. Eliane:
    One of the fews things I don't review much here is based makeup (concealer, foundation, power, tinited moisturizer) because most of them just look worse on and I really don't know what to recommond when 99% of them cause some allergic reactions.

    I have tried Laura Mercier (not the oil-free version though) and it was crap...Physicians formula mineral wear has a tinited moisturizer, I can only say it's not oily...(I need to try it for a few more times as I personally don't see any coverage at all...

    At this moment, I just use a moisturizer dusted with some benefit thrrrob,I personally don't care about the few acne marks I have so it's good enough..

  5. That lipcolor is gorgeous. It looks great on you!

  6. I love Revlon's Super Lustrous lipglosses. I have 4 of them now. I just picked up Racy Raspberry (I have a swatch on my blog). It looks really bright but applies sheer. I want to get the Power Walk Pink but can't seem to find it anywhere. I already have Pink Pursuit.

  7. LT:
    I have seen racy raspberry but it reminds me too much of a wild orchid I have a few years ago...and although I like the super lustrous glosses, I hate the ones with shimmer (They tend to make my mouth look huge) , so pink pursuit and raspberry didn't spark any interest from me...Although they were only 3 bucks during the sale...

  8. i must admit, everytime you post something i want it :( i've bought several items you recommended. i got the nude lustre gloss and the cg slaphappy gloss and several others as well.
    oh and also, you know how you said the wet n wild eyeshadow trios were 2.99? here in canada, they're 4.99 at walmart. what a rip-off!


  9. Hi Jenn:

    Ha, I do have some product to bash so your wallet would be happy for a while. (But I never buy that much expensive items anyway...

    Yeah, things are a bit expensive in Canada, it's as if they never adjust the price from US when the Canadian dollar appreciated a bit a while back. Anyway, my allowance back then (not that's I have better allowance now, I just work) was pretty pathetic so I rarely buy anything but Bonnie Bell lip gloss...I remember I save so long for a 9 dollars Revlon gloss and it was so gross...

    I think stuff in US are cheap mainly because there are some weekly promotion in certain stores, which is a lot cheaper than Walmart...Let's not forget the scary sales tax up there...

  10. can i have the code number of the color??

  11. This shade doesn't have a code for the shade like the other ones, if you want the bar code,it was peeled off two years ago when I opened the package.


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