Thursday, April 09, 2009

Revlon and NYC think pink

Pink reminds me of Barbie, cheerleaders, bubble gum, sorority girls (no offense to them, they are just too noisy) ...You get it, nothing I like but I have been spotting the color much more often nowadays...
There is another new line of Breast Cancer awareness stuff from Revlon !? (The gloss on the far left look kind of neat though). Now I am starting to think that cosmetic companies constantly coming up with these just so that they have more excuses to rip people off... (Not saying we should all neglet the fact that there are so many people with this disease.) Seriously, why pay this much attention to breast cancer when the majority of the patients survive anyway?

Stila, please do a Colon Cancer Awareness collection and let poop brown be the center piece!

And there there is the oh-so-gaudy NYC (New York Color)having its new range called pink persuasion. (Not so persuasive to me.)
The pink mosaic blushers look interesting, they remind me of that NYC purple mosaic shadow that's muddy, chalky and cracked the moment I dipped my brush in...I am most definitely skipping this whole line.

P.S. The baby pink nail polish is called pink poodles. (Dying your dog into that hideous color is just so wrong...Anybody watched that episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen?)


  1. hahahah on the PS commment :)

    Those look wonderful! If I'm living there, I'll definitely pick at least one :)

  2. I think awareness about cancers in general would be good, not just breast cancer. I work in an industry that deals with colon cancer survivers and it does touch a lot of people. I guess companies find it too yucky. Maybe Revlon could do a range of brown nail polishes for colon cancer awareness rofl.

  3. Lol at everything.
    I love this blog.

  4. Hahaha! YOu're so funny Citrine! It is absolutely true that companies rip pple off, and they keep coming up with ideas to rip people off more.

  5. why would anyone dye their dogs ANY color? you are hilarious.


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