Wet n Wild Chrome Nail Lacquer in Brass

Most of the time, I am a bit afraid to wear gold because they usually look too warm on my skin but I like the idea of having gold tips and Wet n Wild nail color, so I got this, Chrome Nail Lacquer in Brass from the limited edition (I actually haven't seen the words "Limited Edition" on the poster, so maybe they are here to stay?)

Brass is a brownish (poopy) gold. It's so pretty under sun!

One thing I love from this line is that the words are actually printed on, not a sticker!

Each bottle is a bit tiny, there is only 8.5ml of product but I think it's alright since I do have a few bottles of nail color and I only paint my nails once a week.

Without direct light, the color is a bit poopy but I think it still looks pretty nice.

Distant view of the color. The color pay off is pretty decent, I can get a opaque finish after 3 layer although it looks pretty nice when it's sheer as well. The formula is great too, not streaky or runny like that Milani Good Morning Egg Yolk, I like that the color is actually pretty metallic too.

See how left hand friendly it is, most of the time I don't put my right hand for nail polish swatching because I always screw up. (Pressing the shutter with left hand is a bit difficult for me as well.)


  1. Oh I love the color. So summery and bright!

  2. 'Only' 8,5 ml? That's OK for me personally :-/. When I first got an OPI, I couldn't believe how huge that thing was (15 ml) - but I was happy 'cause I loved the colour XD :).
    Maybe European bottles are just smaller normally & I'm used to them? I don't know...

  3. Wow that color is hard to pull off, but it looks so nice against your skin! Jealous..

  4. Smiley:
    I was thinking about how this color would be nice for fall...since it's warm and it would work well with fall colors liek black/white brown and...During summer I like bright purple/teal.
    Yeah, in US we are used to having huge bottle so this stuff is mini.

    I was a bit uncomfortable with poopy color like this, but the rest are orange and pinkish mauve so I got the gold...


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