Revlon Not So Blue Berry

I've bought 4 bottles of Revlon nail polish last year, they all looked gorgeous in the bottles yet yucky on my nails...Just I when I was about to give up, I decided to give it one last shot...Who know that the auntie brand can look so pretty!

This is the lilac I was interested in (see my spy cam post?) "Not so Blueberry" in the Revlon Tropical Temptation Collection.

In the bottle, it looks like a shimmering lilac with teal iridescence, the iridescence shows if you have a sheer layer (still very pretty) but since the formula is so easy to work with, I built it on and it became so frosty and metallic, love it!

One thing special about this polish is that it's scented. (I've know enough to stick my nose away from my hand when applying nail polish so I don't care if it smells bad)Anna Sui nail color has a scent and I really loved it so I was skeptical of drugstore copycat that will turn the fragrant thing into a nightmare.

Luckily, Not So Blueberry has a fruity scent that's quite pleasant (and it lingers, even after a day with top coat)...I enjoyed sniff at my finger tips after using this.

This shade is so pretty under the sun, by the lamp, it goes with any lighting (doesn't glow in the dark though) ...I gotta try this on my feet sometime!

Another polish for the lilac lovers. Sally Hansen Hard as Nail Wild Orchid (?). It was a limited edition shade back in 2007 and I had to picked it up when it wasn't even on sale. (At 2 dollars something? Wow, that's so not me...)

Anyway, it's a cool lilac with a beautiful teal sheen allover...I used half a bottle already. Not that I love it so much and keep going back...

This is the sheerest nail polish I've ever bought in my life. I pretty much need 10 layers to get 50% of the color shown in the bottle...and needless to say, that waiting for that 10 layers to dry is a pain in the @$$, last week I finally managed to paint it over and over so the color at least show on camera...but the moment I put my shorts on and my hand touched the rubber band...the 10 layers of gunk are squashed...

I lost hope and decided to mixed it up with another bottle of Sally Hansen hard as nail (I do have a gorgeous jar of lilac shadow pigments, I am so not using that on this gunk Ok?)...You would guess beige matches everything right? Well, the final result was pretty disgusting, I got a sheer nude-y lilac that I had to throw away or it will become an eyesore.

Back to Revlon

Now I have a dilemma, since each of them is scented differently and there are some more yummy shades from the range...
I want more! (I am liking the 1,2,3,5 from the left...) Which one do you like?

Never mind, the rest looks pretty boring in real life anyway...Off to get more Wet n Wild!


  1. WOW I LOOOOVE that shade!! Must go buy it! xD

  2. Hi Fuz:

    You are going to buy drugstore product? Wow, I feel special...

    P.S In Walgreen they just have the collection up along with a line of breast cancer awareness range. There is a nice shimmer less lip gloss in that super lustrous line, called something raspberry as well...Give it a look if you want.

  3. The only Revlon Polish I've tried is their colorless and I must say I am very impressed with the quality! wow..all the colors are so pretty!

  4. Hi Nikki:

    Yeah, I have a nail treatment (milky base coat) that works alright...I got two very pretty deep shimmering purple/chocolate brown last year...they both look very bad on my hands though...

  5. I haven't bought Revlon polishes in ages until this collection either. Loved this color and Sublime Strawberry.

  6. When I saw the title, I thought 'Not So Blue Berry' was the name you gave it because it wasn't blue enough - I'm used to your sarcastic style by now, lol...And it ended up being the actual nail polish name and a very pretty colour!
    Will try not to make assumptions in the future :-P.

  7. Not So blueberry was the only really unique color. I have a gazillion pink polishes, but I think I got it since I figure the scent wouldn't be that offensive.

    A minty green would have been nice (and refreshing to sniff).

  8. That is a unique and beautiful shade. I never tried any Revlon nail polishes but this collection has some really nice shades.

  9. Jenn: Indeed, I want a green just so that I can sniff the nice melon scent...I hope it would be melon thought, not the boring mint...

    Cris: I think I was just way too lazy to use the quotation mark...if it weren't blue enough. I would call it Revlon Oh-So-Blueberry...NOT!

    Just so you know.
    Yeah, this collection is kind of nice...the permanent line is pretty boring though. Revlon nail polish is abit over priced as well, who you they think they are..China Glaze?

  10. WOW! That's a really pretty nail polish color! I love that blue!

  11. I have Not so Blueberry, Cotton Candy, Mon Cherry, and Mad About Mango. I've only tried the Blueberry and the Cotton Candy, and I definitely have a love-hate relationship with them. I love them both, color AND scent. (The Cotton Candy doesn't look great with my olive skin but I love it regardless)

    The hate part just comes from the fact that I hate to love a scented polish. They're just plain addictive!!


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